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Title: Sharing the vision: exploiting Web 2.0 technologies in promoting the use of multimedia in bioethics education
Authors: Willmott, Christopher J.R.
Green, Bonnie
Willis, David
First Published: 2009
Citation: Proceedings of 7th and 8th International DIVERSE Conference, 2009, pp. 40-44
Abstract: Thousands of hours of television are transmitted each year. Whatever our subject discipline, this level of broadcasting is bound to include many features with relevance to our course content. Conversely, the sheer scale of output can make locating the appropriate material problematic. It is unrealistic to expect the programme descriptors in general-purpose information services, such as Television and Radio Index for Learning and Teaching (in the UK), to include sufficient annotation to satisfy all the nuances of discipline-specific usage. Given these limitations, alternative means to share recommendations regarding programmes and clips for use in the teaching of bioethics have been investigated. The solution, BioethicsBytes, represents a growing collection of commentaries and reviews, including structured guidance on the ways that a particular clip might be used. Most recently, investigation has included the repurposing of student-generated material originally produced as in-course assessment tasks. Of particularly interest are the adaptation of “Behind the headlines” briefings centred around streamed news items. BioethicsBytes is hosted on Wordpress. By exploiting a pre-existing blogging platform it has been relatively straightforward to develop a searchable resource. In addition, visitors can leave comments and suggestions of their own, linked to existing posts. Bioethics is a field of emerging significance in society, and the importance of students grasping the ethical implication of developments in the biosciences has been echoed in recent curriculum changes. The approach described here is, however, readily transferable to any discipline.
Type: Conference paper
Description: Full text of this item is not currently available on the LRA. This conference paper was presented at DIVERSE2008, InHolland University, Haarlem, Holland, July 2008 and published in the proceedings. The published version may be available at
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