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Jul-2012Digital repositories ten years on: What do scientific researchers think of them and how do they use them?Nicholas, D.; Watkinson, A.; Brown, D.; Rowlands, Ian; Jamali, H. R.Journal Article
Jul-2005In their very own words: Authors and scholarly journal publishingNicholas, D.; Jamali, H. R. M.; Huntington, P.; Rowlands, IanJournal Article
2005Scholarly communication in the digital environment: The 2005 survey of journal author behaviour and attitudesRowlands, Ian; Nicholas, D.Journal Article
2005Open access journal publishing: The views of some of the world's senior authorsNicholas, D.; Huntington, P.; Rowlands, IanJournal Article
2007What do faculty and students really think about e-books?Rowlands, Ian; Nicholas, D.; Jamali, H. R.; Huntington, P.Journal Article
2007The missing link: Journal usage metricsRowlands, Ian; Nicholas, D.Journal Article
Jul-2006On the tips of their tongues: Authors and their views on scholarly publishingNicholas, D.; Jamali, H. R.; Rowlands, IanJournal Article
Oct-2006Ideas on creating a consumer market for scholarly journalsNicholas, D.; Huntington, P.; Dobrowolski, T.; Rowlands, IanJournal Article
Dec-2005Revisiting 'obsolescence' and journal article 'decay' through usage data: An analysis of digital journal use by year of publicationNicholas, D.; Huntington, P.; Dobrowolski, T.; Jamali M H. R.; Rowlands, Ian; Polydoratou, P.Journal Article
Jan-2011Google Generation II: Web behaviour experiments with the BBCNicholas, D.; Rowlands, Ian; Clark, D.; Williams, P.Journal Article