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Title: Personal knowledge management skills in web 2.0-based learning
Authors: Cicognini, Maria
Pettenati, Maria C.
Edirisingha, Palitha
First Published: 31-Jul-2010
Publisher: IGI Global (Information Science Reference imprint)
Citation: Cigognini, M. et al. Personal knowledge management skills in web 2.0-based learning. In M.J.W. Lee & C. McLoughlin (Eds.), Web 2.0-based E-learning: Applying social informatics for tertiary teaching (IGI Global©2010), pp. 109-127.
Abstract: At present many Web 2.0 activities are beginning to emerge in e-learning space. We need to analyze and learn from these activities to derive insights on their effectiveness, in order to promote its systematic application in educational contexts, spanning from under-graduate, to post-graduate and professional training. This paper deals with one aspect of e-learning 2.0 practices, related to the relevance of acquiring and mastering a set of “Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) Skills”, to perform successfully in the Web 2.0 environment for learning in tertiary education. In the chapter we first present a PKM skills model hinging around a division into basic PKM competences, associated with the social software web practices of create-organize-share, and Higher Order skills (HO skills), favouring the advanced management of one's personal knowledge. Secondly, we present a learning design model and related examples, focused at guiding instructors in building educational activities consistent with the aim of teaching PKM skills.
ISSN: 978-1-60566-295-4 (online)
ISBN: 9781605662947 (print)
Type: Book chapter
Description: The full text of the book chapter is not available on the LRA. DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60566-294-7
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