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Title: The implications of the LFC for the Arab context
Authors: Zoghbor, Wafa Shahada
First Published: 2009
Publisher: International Association of Teachers of Foreign Language (IATEFL)
Citation: Speak Out! Newsletter of the IATEFL Pronunciation Special Interest Group, 2009 (September), 41, pp. 25-29.
Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to report on the fieldwork of a current doctoral thesis to investigate the influence of a pronunciation syllabus based on the Lingua Franca Core (LFC) in improving the intelligibility and comprehensibility of Arab learners. The paper will introduce a sample of how this syllabus has been designed based on a Contrastive Analysis (CA) between the LFC and the phonology of Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). It will then present a workable example of how the pronunciation elements of the LFC syllabus can be integrated in adopted textbooks and discuss the classroom practice which the LFC necessitates.
Type: Article
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