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Title: From Face-to-Face to e-Mentoring: Does the “e” Add Any Value for Mentors?
Authors: Heaton Shrestha, Celayne
May, Steve
Edirisingha, Palitha
Burke, Linda
Linsey, Tim
First Published: 2009
Publisher: International Society for Exploring Teaching and Learning
Citation: International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, 2009, 20 (2),pp. 116-124.
Abstract: For many years, face-to-face peer mentoring has been a feature of learning support provided to first-year undergraduate students at one university in the UK. Building on the success of these initiatives, a scheme has been developed at this institution in which first-year undergraduates are mentored by second- and third-year students through a variety of media, both face-to-face and electronic. A research study was undertaken to evaluate the implementation of scheme, part of which involved undertaking a series of interviews with the e-mentors who participated over the course of two years. In presenting the findings, this paper discusses the commonalities that emerged and between face-to-face and e-mentoring; reflects on ways in which use of the electronic medium adds to the generic benefits of mentoring; shows that e-mentoring impacts differently on mentors and mentees; and highlights some of the particular challenges e-mentoring presents to mentors. The implications for the selection and training of mentors are discussed in the final section of the paper.
ISSN: 1812-9129
Type: Article
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The published PDF version shows 2009, but the date on the journal's website is 2008.
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