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Title: Disturbing structure: Reading the ruins
Authors: Dale, Karen
Burrell, Gibson
First Published: Mar-2011
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Citation: Culture and Organization, 2011, 17(2), pp. 107-121.
Abstract: In this paper, we look at buildings from the 'disturbing' perspective of ruin and ruination. The relationship between buildings and ruins appears to be an antithesis, one between organisation and disorganisation: a dyad of mutually exclusive opposites. However, we try to show how the relationship between buildings and ruins is more complex and multifaceted so that rather than being the play of opposites, it is one which is mutually enacting and inextricably entwined. We explore three aspects of the relationship of mutuality between building and ruin. The first is a consideration of ruins and their relationship to structuring and de-structuring. Second, we look into the multiplicity of meanings that ruins engender, their inherent ambivalence. Finally, we argue that ruin and ruination are as related to construction and re-ordering as they are to destruction, since they are not the absolute annihilation of building and organisation, but are themselves different forms of organisation and organising. Thus, the paper is not so much about ruins themselves, where ruins are seen as obliteration or the absence of form. Rather, it is about what ruins and ruination tell us about buildings, structure and the processes of organising.
ISSN: 1475-9551 (Print)
1477-2760 (Online)
Type: Article
Description: The full text of this article is currently not available on the LRA (embargoed by publisher until September 2012). The published version can be found on the publisher's website at: ; DOI: 10.1080/14759551.2011.544888
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