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30-Apr-2015Mutations upstream of fabI in triclosan resistant Staphylococcus aureus strains are associated with elevated fabI gene expression.Grandgirard, D.; Furi, L.; Ciusa, M. L.; Baldassarri, L.; Knight, D. R.; Morrissey, I.; Largiadèr, C. R.; Leib, S. L.; Oggioni, Marco RinaldoJournal Article
22-Jul-2015Predictive Studies Suggest that the Risk for the Selection of Antibiotic Resistance by Biocides Is Likely Low in Stenotrophomonas maltophiliaSánchez, M. B.; Decorosi, F.; Viti, C.; Oggioni, Marco Rinaldo; Martínez, J. L.; Hernández, A.Journal Article
2-Dec-2014The Y-chromosome tree bursts into leaf: 13,000 high-confidence SNPs covering the majority of known clades.Hallast, Pille; Batini, Chiara; Zadik, Daniel; Maisano Delser, Pierpaolo Maisano; Wetton, Jon H.; Arroyo-Pardo, E.; Cavalleri, GL.; de Knijff, P.; Destro Bisol, G.; Dupuy, B. M.; Eriksen, H. A.; Jorde, L. B.; King, Turi E.; Larmuseau, M. H.; López de Munain, A.; López-Parra, A. M.; Loutradis, A.; Milasin, J.; Novelletto, A.; Pamjav, H.; Sajantila, A.; Schempp, W.; Sears, Matt; Tolun, A.; Tyler-Smith, C.; Van Geystelen, A.; Watkins, S.; Winney, B.; Jobling, Mark A.Journal Article
Jun-2015Polymorphic variation in susceptibility and metabolism of triclosan-resistant mutants of Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae clinical strains obtained after exposure to biocides and antibioticsCuriao, T.; Marchi, E.; Viti, C.; Oggioni, Marco Rinaldo; Baquero, F.; Martinez, J. L.; Coque, T. M.Journal Article
2-Dec-2014Identification of the remains of King Richard IIIKing, Turi E.; Fortes, Gloria Gonzalez; Balaresque, Patricia; Thomas, Mark G.; Balding, David; Maisano Delser, Pierpaolo; Neumann, Rita; Parson, Walther; Knapp, Michael; Walsh, Susan; Tonasso, Laure; Holt, John; Kayser, Manfred; Appleby, Jo; Forster, Peter; Ekserdjian, David; Hofreiter, Michael; Schürer, KevinJournal Article
12-Aug-2008Isolation and analysis of the genetic diversity of repertoires of VSG expression site containing telomeres from Trypanosoma brucei gambiense, T. b. brucei and T. equiperdumYoung, R.; Taylor, J. E.; Kurioka, A.; Becker, M.; Louis, Edward John; Rudenko, G.Journal Article
12-Apr-2010Silenced yeast chromatin is maintained by Sir2 in preference to permitting histone acetylations for efficient NERIrizar, A.; Yu, Y.; Reed, S. H.; Louis, Edward John; Waters, R.Journal Article
31-Jan-2013High quality de novo sequencing and assembly of the Saccharomyces arboricolus genomeLiti, G.; Nguyen Ba, A. N.; Blythe, M.; Müller, C. A.; Bergström, A.; Cubillos, F. A.; Dafhnis-Calas, F.; Khoshraftar, S.; Malla, S.; Mehta, N.; Siow, C.C.; Warringer, J.; Moses, A. M.; Louis, Edward John; Nieduszynski, C. A.Journal Article
16-Aug-2012Advances in quantitative trait analysis in yeastLiti, G.; Louis, Edward JohnJournal Article
2-Dec-2009Repressive and non-repressive chromatin at native telomeres in Saccharomyces cerevisiaeLoney, E. R.; Inglis, P. W.; Sharp, S.; Pryde, F. E.; Kent, N. A.; Mellor, J.; Louis, Edward JohnJournal Article
16-Jun-2011Trait variation in yeast is defined by population historyWarringer, J.; Zörgö, E.; Cubillos, F. A.; Zia, A.; Gjuvsland, A.; Simpson, J. T.; Forsmark, A.; Durbin, R.; Omholt, S. W.; Louis, Edward John; Liti, G.; Moses, A.; Blomberg, A.Journal Article
9-Jul-2012Apparent ploidy effects on silencing are post-transcriptional at HML and telomeres in Saccharomyces cerevisiaeMcLaughlan, J. M.; Liti, G.; Sharp, S.; Maslowska, A.; Louis, Edward JohnJournal Article
28-Oct-2008Telomeric expression sites are highly conserved in Trypanosoma bruceiHertz-Fowler, C.; Figueiredo, L. M.; Quail, M. A.; Becker, M.; Jackson, A.; Bason, N.; Brooks, K.; Churcher, C.; Fahkro, S.; Goodhead, I.; Heath, P.; Kartvelishvili, M.; Mungall, K.; Harris, D.; Hauser, H.; Sanders, M.; Saunders, D.; Seeger, K.; Sharp, S.; Taylor, J. E.; Walker, D.; White, B.; Young, R.; Cross, G. A.; Rudenko, G.; Barry, J. D.; Louis, Edward John; Berriman, M.Journal Article
18-Sep-2009Segregating YKU80 and TLC1 alleles underlying natural variation in telomere properties in wild yeastLiti, G.; Haricharan, S.; Cubillos, F. A.; Tierney, A. L.; Sharp, S.; Bertuch, A. A.; Parts, L.; Bailes, E.; Louis, Edward JohnJournal Article
19-Mar-2009Population genomics of domestic and wild yeasts.Liti, G.; Carter, D. M.; Moses, A. M.; Warringer, J.; Parts, L.; James, S. A.; Davey, R. P.; Roberts, I. N.; Burt, A.; Koufopanou, V.; Tsai, I. J.; Bergman, C. M.; Bensasson, D.; O'Kelly, M. J.; van Oudenaarden, A.; Barton, D. B.; Bailes, E.; Nguyen, A. N.; Jones, M.; Quail, M. A.; Goodhead, I.; Sims, S.; Smith, F.; Blomberg, A.; Durbin, R.; Louis, Edward JohnJournal Article
7-Mar-2011Cloning of the repertoire of individual Plasmodium falciparum var genes using transformation associated recombination (TAR)Gaida, A.; Becker, M. M.; Schmid, C. D.; Bühlmann, T.; Louis, Edward John; Beck, H. P.Journal Article
Apr-2014A high-definition view of functional genetic variation from natural yeast genomesBergström, A.; Simpson, J. T.; Salinas, F.; Barré, B.; Parts, L.; Zia, A.; Nguyen Ba, A. N.; Moses, A. M.; Louis, Edward John; Mustonen, V.; Warringer, J.; Durbin, R.; Liti, G.Conference Paper
21-Mar-2013Recurrent rearrangement during adaptive evolution in an interspecific yeast hybrid suggests a model for rapid introgressionDunn, B.; Paulish, T.; Stanbery, A.; Piotrowski, J.; Koniges, G.; Kroll, E.; Louis, Edward John; Liti, G.; Sherlock, G.; Rosenzweig, F.Journal Article
27-Sep-2002Are Drosophila telomeres an exception or the rule?Louis, Edward JohnJournal Article
18-Aug-2015Screening of Non- Saccharomyces cerevisiae Strains for Tolerance to Formic Acid in Bioethanol FermentationOshoma, C. E.; Greetham, D.; Louis, Edward John; Smart, K. A.; Phister, T. G.; Powell, C.; Du, C.Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 954
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