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12-Dec-2012Construction of Opa-Positive and Opa-Negative Strains of Neisseria meningitidis to Evaluate a Novel Meningococcal VaccineBayliss, C. D.; Sadarangani, M.; Hoe, J. C.; Callaghan, M. J.; Jones, C.; Makepeace, K.; Daniels-Treffandier, H.; Deadman, M. E.; Pollard, A. J.; Chan, H.; Feavers, I.; van der Ley, P.Journal Article
8-May-2015Gene expression associated with early and late chronotypes in Drosophila melanogasterTauber, Eran; Pegoraro, Mirko; Picot, Emma; Hansen, Celia N.; Kyriacou, Charalambos P.; Rosato, EzioJournal Article
4-Sep-2014Role for circadian clock genes in seasonal timing: testing the Bünning hypothesisPegoraro, M.; Gesto, J. S.; Kyriacou, Charalambos P.; Tauber, EranJournal Article
18-Jul-2014Sex and rhythms in sandflies and mosquitoes : An appreciation of the work of Alexandre Afranio Peixoto (1963-2013).Kyriacou, Charalambos P.Journal Article
7-Mar-2014Gene conversion violates the stepwise mutation model for microsatellites in y-chromosomal palindromic repeats.Balaresque, Patricia; King, Turi E.; Parkin, Emma J.; Heyer, E.; Carvalho-Silva, D.; Kraaijenbrink, T.; de Knijff, P.; Tyler-Smith, C.; Jobling, Mark A.Journal Article
Dec-2014Genetic analysis of circadian responses to low frequency electromagnetic fields in Drosophila melanogaster.Fedele, Giorgio; Edwards, M. D.; Bhutani, Supriya; Hares, John M.; Murbach, M.; Green, Edward W.; Dissel, Stephane; Hastings, M. H.; Rosato, Ezio; Kyriacou, Charalambos P.Journal Article
6-Apr-2015Evolution of the rapidly mutating human salivary agglutinin gene (DMBT1) and population subsistence strategy.Polley, Shamik; Louzada, S.; Forni, D.; Sironi, M.; Balaskas, Theodosius; Hains, D. S.; Yang, F.; Hollox, Edward J.Journal Article
29-Apr-2015Challenges and opportunities for early-career Teaching-Focussed academics in the biosciencesHubbard, K.; Gretton, Sarah; Jones, K.; Tallents, L.Journal Article
26-Nov-2013Locus Reference Genomic: reference sequences for the reporting of clinically relevant sequence variants.MacArthur, J. A.; Morales, J.; Tully, R. E.; Astashyn, A.; Gil, L.; Bruford, E. A.; Larsson, P.; Flicek, P.; Dalgleish, Raymond; Maglott, D. R.; Cunningham, F.Journal Article
11-Apr-2005A dual-light reporter system to determine the efficiency of protein–protein interactions in mammalian cellsNasim, M. T.; Trembath, R. C.Journal Article
1-Apr-2001Courtship song genes and speciation in sand fliesOliveira, S. G.; Bottecchia, M.; Bauzer, L. G. S. R.; Souza, N. A.; Ward, R. D.; Kyriacou, Charalambos P.; Peixoto, A. A.Journal Article
6-Feb-2015The transrepression arm of glucocorticoid receptor signaling is protective in mutant huntingtin-mediated neurodegenerationVaradarajan, S.; Breda, Carlo; Smalley, Joshua L.; Butterworth, Michael; Farrow, S. N.; Giorgini, Flaviano; Cohen, G. M.Journal Article
Oct-2014Human gene copy number variation and infectious diseaseHollox, Edward J.; Hoh, BPJournal Article
27-Oct-2014Evidence of convergent evolution in humans and macaques supports an adaptive role for copy number variation of the β-defensin-2 gene.Ottolini, Barbara; Hornsby, M. J.; Abujaber, Razan; MacArthur, J. A.; Badge, Richard M.; Schwarzacher, T.; Albertson, D. G.; Bevins, C. L.; Solnick, J. V.; Hollox, Edward J.Journal Article
25-Feb-2014Genomic and global approaches to unravelling how hypermutable sequences influence bacterial pathogenesisBidmos, Fadil A.; Bayliss, Christopher D.Journal Article
31-Mar-2014Phase variation mediates reductions in expression of surface proteins during persistent meningococcal carriage.Alamro, Mohamed; Bidmos, Fadil A.; Chan, Hannah; Oldfield, Neil J.; Newton, Emma; Bai, Xilian; Aidley, Jack; Care, Rory; Mattick, Claire; Turner, David P. J.; Neal, Keith R.; Ala'aldeen, Dlawer A. A.; Feavers, Ian; Borrow, Ray; Bayliss, Christopher D.Journal Article
2-Dec-2014Identification of the remains of King Richard IIIKing, Turi E.; Fortes, Gloria Gonzalez; Balaresque, Patricia; Thomas, Mark G.; Balding, David; Delser, Pierpaolo Maisano; Neumann, Rita; Parson, Walther; Knapp, Michael; Walsh, Susan; Tonasso, Laure; Holt, John; Kayser, Manfred; Appleby, Jo; Forster, Peter; Ekserdjian, David; Hofreiter, Michael; Schurer, KevinJournal Article
1-May-2014Whole exome re-sequencing implicates CCDC38 and cilia structure and function in resistance to smoking related airflow obstructionWain, Louise V.; Sayers, Ian; Soler Artigas, Marıa; Portelli, Michael A.; Zeggini, Eleftheria; Obeidat, Ma’en; Sin, Don D.; Bossé, Yohan; Nickle, David; Brandsma, Corry-Anke; Malarstig, Anders; Vangjeli, Ciara; Jelinsky, Scott A.; John, Sally; Kilty, Iain; McKeever, Tricia; Shrine, Nick R. G.; Cook, James P.; Patel, Shrina; Spector, Tim D.; Hollox, Edward J.; Hall, Ian P.; Tobin, Martin D.Journal Article
18-Sep-2013Expansion of a 12-kb VNTR containing the REXO1L1 gene cluster underlies the microscopically visible euchromatic variant of 8q21.2Tyson, Christine; Hrynchak, Monica; Sharp, Andrew J .; Warburton, Peter; Yong, Siu Li; Hollox, Edward J; Barber, John C. K.Journal Article
22-Jan-2014Copy-number variation of the neuronal glucose transporter gene SLC2A3 and age of onset in Huntington's diseaseVittori, Angelica; Breda, Carlo; Repici, Mariaelena; Orth, Michael; Roos, Raymund A. C.; Outeiro, Tiago F.; Giorgini, Flaviano; Hollox, Edward J.; REGISTRY investigators of the European Huntington's Disease NetworkJournal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 896
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