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1-Apr-2012The effects of maternal irradiation during adulthood on mutation induction and transgenerational instability in mice.Abouzeid Ali HE; Barber, RC; Dubrova, YEJournal Article
20-Sep-2000Induction of minisatellite mutations in the mouse germline by low-dose chronic exposure to γ-radiation and fission neutronsDubrova, YE; Brown, J; Jeffreys, AJ; Dubrova, YE; Plumb, M; Boulton, E; Goodhead, DJournal Article
21-Feb-2012Exposure to anticancer drugs can result in transgenerational genomic instability in mice.Glen, CD; Dubrova, YEJournal Article
7-Dec-2001Monitoring spontaneous and induced human mutation by RAPD-PCR: a response to Weinberg et al. (2001).Jeffreys, AJ; Dubrova, YEJournal Article
1-Nov-2002Stable chromosome aberrations in the lymphocytes of a population living in the vicinity of the Semipalatinsk nuclear test siteSalomaa, S; Lindholm, C; Tankimanova, MK; Mamyrbaeva, ZZ; Koivistoinen, A; Hulten, M; Mustonen, R; Dubrova, YE; Bersimbaev, RIJournal Article
Aug-2004Glycophorin A somatic cell mutations in a population living in the proximity of the Semipalatinsk nuclear test siteLindholm, C; Salomaa, S; Murphy, BP; Bigbee, WL; Bersimbaev, RI; Bersimbaev, RI; Hultén, MA; Dubrova, YE; Lindholm, CJournal Article
30-Nov-2006Radiation-induced transgenerational alterations in genome stability and DNA damage.Barber, RC; Hickenbotham, P; Hatch, T; Kelly, D; Topchiy, N; Almeida, GM; Jones, GD; Johnson, GE; Parry, JM; Rothkamm, K; Dubrova, YEJournal Article
18-Dec-2011Radiation-induced transgenerational alterations in MicroRNA expressionBarber, RC; Dubrova, YE; Gant, TWJournal Article
1-Dec-1998Radiation-induced germline instability at minisatellite lociDubrova, YE; Plumb, M; Brown, J; Jeffreys, AJJournal Article
2000Are DNA profiles breed-specific? A pilot study in pigsSigner, EN; Dubrova, YE; Jeffreys, AJJournal Article