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Sep-2012A mini-library of sequenced human DNA fragments: linking bench experiments with informaticsDalgleish, R; Shanks, ME; Monger, K; Butler, NJJournal Article
Oct-2012Solving bottlenecks in data sharing in the life sciencesDalgleish, R; Brookes, AJ; Dalgleish, R; Molero, E; Diaz, C; Brookes, AJ; Molero, E; Diaz, C; Kidd, R; Kidd, R; Jansen, M; Past, D; Robl, A; Mons, B; Mons, A; Jansen, M; Mons, B; Mons, A; Past, D; Robl, A; Mons, B; Mons, AJournal Article
26-Sep-2012Clinical utility gene card for: osteogenesis imperfectavan Dijk FS; Maugeri, A; Pals, G; Dalgleish, R; Malfait, F; Symoens, S; Rusinska, A; Semler, OJournal Article
Mar-2007Consortium for osteogenesis imperfecta mutations in the helical domain of type I collagen: regions rich in lethal mutations align with collagen binding sites for integrins and proteoglycans.Marini, JC; Forlino, A; Cabral, WA; Barnes, AM; San Antonio JD; Milgrom, S; Hyland, JC; Körkkö, J; Prockop, DJ; De Paepe A; Coucke, P; Symoens, S; Glorieux, FH; Roughley, PJ; Lund, AM; Kuurila-Svahn, K; Hartikka, H; Cohn, DH; Krakow, D; Mottes, M; Schwarze, U; Chen, D; Yang, K; Kuslich, C; Troendle, J; Dalgleish, R; Byers, PHJournal Article
Mar-2010The Human Variome Project (HVP) 2009 Forum "Towards Establishing Standards".Howard, HJ; Horaitis, O; Cotton, RG; Vihinen, M; Dalgleish, R; Robinson, P; Brookes, AJ; Axton, M; Hoffmann, R; Tuffery-Giraud, SJournal Article
Jul-2006Urist's original bone morphogenetic protein: a fragment of the noncollagenous bone matrix protein secreted phosphoprotein 24 (spp24)?Dalgleish, R; Francis, T; Beckman, MJJournal Article
Feb-2004Characterization of the human secreted phosphoprotein 24 gene (SPP2) and comparison of the protein sequence in nine species.Bennett, CS; Khorram Khorshid HR; Kitchen, JA; Arteta, D; Dalgleish, RJournal Article
Feb-2012Curating gene variant databases (LSDBs): toward a universal standard.Celli, J; Dalgleish, R; Vihinen, M; Taschner, PE; den Dunnen JTJournal Article
Feb-2012Guidelines for establishing locus specific databases.Vihinen, M; den Dunnen JT; Dalgleish, R; Cotton, RGJournal Article
1994Substitution of glycine-172 by arginine in the alpha 1 chain of type I collagen in a patient with osteogenesis imperfecta, type III.Mackay, K; De Paepe A; Nuytinck, L; Dalgleish, RJournal Article