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6-Feb-2015The transrepression arm of glucocorticoid receptor signaling is protective in mutant huntingtin-mediated neurodegenerationVaradarajan, Shankar; Breda, Carlo; Smalley, Joshua L.; Butterworth, Michael; Farrow, Stuart N.; Giorgini, Flaviano; Cohen, Gerald M.Journal Article
13-Nov-2013Rab11 as a modulator of synaptic transmissionGiorgini, Flaviano; Steinert, Joern R.Journal Article
Apr-2010Metallothioneins and copper metabolism are candidate therapeutic targets in Huntington's diseaseHands, Sarah L.; Mason, Robert; Sajjad, M. Umar; Giorgini, Flaviano; Wyttenbach, AndreasArticle
23-Apr-2014Aggregation-prone proteins modulate huntingtin inclusion body formation in yeastKantcheva, Ralitsa B.; Mason, Robert; Giorgini, FlavianoJournal Article
12-Mar-2015The kynurenine pathway and neurodegenerative diseaseMaddison, Daniel C.; Giorgini, FlavianoJournal Article
4-Aug-2014The small GTPase Rab11 co-localizes with α-synuclein in intracellular inclusions and modulates its aggregation, secretion and toxicityChutna, O.; Gonçalves, S.; Villar-Piqué, A.; Guerreiro, P.; Marijanovic, Z.; Mendes, T.; Ramalho, J.; Emmanouilidou, E.; Ventura, S.; Klucken, J.; Barral, D. C.; Giorgini, Flaviano; Vekrellis, K.; Outeiro, T. F.Journal Article
28-Apr-2016shRNA-Based Screen Identifies Endocytic Recycling Pathway Components That Act as Genetic Modifiers of Alpha-Synuclein Aggregation, Secretion and ToxicityGonçalves, Susana A.; Macedo, Diana; Raquel, Helena; Simões, Pedro D.; Giorgini, Flaviano; Ramalho, José S.; Barral, Duarte C.; Ferreira Moita, Luís; Outeiro, Tiago FlemingJournal Article
10-May-2016Tryptophan-2,3-dioxygenase (TDO) inhibition ameliorates neurodegeneration by modulation of kynurenine pathway metabolitesBreda, Carlo; Sathyasaikumar, Korrapati V.; Sograte Idrissi, Shama; Notarangelo, Francesca M.; Estranero, Jasper G.; Moore, Gareth G. L.; Green, Edward W.; Kyriacou, Charalambos P.; Schwarcz, Robert; Giorgini, FlavianoJournal Article
2-Oct-2015Connectivity mapping uncovers small molecules that modulate neurodegeneration in Huntington's disease modelsSmalley, Joshua L.; Breda, Carlo; Mason, Robert P.; Kooner, Gurdeep; Luthi-Carter, Ruth; Gant, T. W.; Giorgini, FlavianoJournal Article
18-Nov-2016Glycation potentiates neurodegeneration in models of Huntington's diseaseVicente Miranda, H.; Gomes, M. A.; Branco-Santos, Joana; Breda, Carlo; Lázaro, D. F.; Lopes, L. V.; Herrera, F; Giorgini, Flaviano; Outeiro, T. F.Journal Article