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Sep-2006The period gene Thr-Gly polymorphism in Australian and African Drosophila melanogaster populations: implications for selection.Sawyer, LA; Sandrelli, F; Pasetto, C; Peixoto, AA; Rosato, E; Costa, R; Kyriacou, CPJournal Article
Sep-2008Comparative analysis of circadian clock genes in insects.Sandrelli, F; Costa, R; Kyriacou, CP; Rosato, EJournal Article
1-Dec-2005Dancing to the rhythms of geological time: the biorhythm capabilities of Polychaeta in a geological contextOlive, PJW; Kyriacou, CP; Last, KS; Kramer, C; Bailhache, T; Rosato, EJournal Article
Apr-1997Linkage disequilibrium, mutational analysis and natural selection in the repetitive region of the clock gene, period, in Drosophila melanogasterRosato, E; Peixoto, AA; Kyriacou, CP; Costa, R; Peixoto, AAJournal Article
13-Jul-2000A second timeless gene in Drosophila shares greater sequence similarity with mammalian timBenna, C; Scannapieco, P; Piccin, A; Sandrelli, F; Zordan, M; Rosato, E; Kyriacou, CP; Valle, G; Costa, RJournal Article
2000Squaring up the E-boxKyriacou, CP; Rosato, EJournal Article
Mar-2004A mutation in Drosophila simulans that lengthens the circadian period of locomotor activityRogers, AS; Pasetto, C; Kyriacou, CP; Pasetto, C; Costa, R; Escher, SA; Rosato, EJournal Article
Mar-2004Molecular analysis of circadian clocks in Drosophila simulansRogers, AS; Rosato, E; Kyriacou, CP; Costa, R; Rosato, EJournal Article
2012The Circadian Clock of the Fly: A Neurogenetics Journey Through TimeÖzkaya, Ö; Rosato, EJournal Article
1-Aug-2005The clock gene period in the medfly Ceratitis capitataMazzotta, GM; Sandrelli, F; Zordan, MA; Mason, M; Benna, C; Cisotto, P; Rosato, E; Kyriacou, CP; Costa, RJournal Article