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Nov-2002Molecular evolution of the period gene in sandflies.Mazzoni, CJ; Gomes, CA; Souza, NA; de Queiroz RG; Justiniano, SC; Ward, RD; Kyriacou, CP; Peixoto, AAJournal Article
Jul-2002Crossover clustering and rapid decay of linkage disequilibrium in the Xp/Yp pseudoautosomal gene SHOX.May, CA; Shone, AC; Kalaydjieva, L; Sajantila, A; Jeffreys, AJJournal Article
2002The role of iron in Campylobacter gene regulation, metabolism and oxidative stress defenseVan Vliet AHM; Ketley, JM; Park, SF; Penn, CWJournal Article
2002Circadian rhythm entrainment in flies and mammals.Ben-Shlomo, R; Kyriacou, CPJournal Article
Nov-2002Single gene mutations in Drosophila: What can they tell us about the evolution of sexual behaviour?Kyriacou, CPJournal Article
Jul-2002DNA copy number analysis by MAPH: molecular diagnostic applications.Hollox, EJ; Akrami, SM; Armour, JAJournal Article
2002Erratum: The length of a tetranucleotide repeat tract in Haemophilus influenzae determines the phase variation rate of a gene with homology to type III DNA methyltransferases (Molecular Microbiology (2002) 35:1 (211-222))De Bolle X; Bayliss, CD; Field, D; Van de Ven T; Saunders, NJ; Hood, DW; Moxon, ERJournal Article
18-Oct-2002Fragmin60 encodes an actin-binding protein with a C2 domain and controls actin Thr-203 phosphorylation in Physarum plasmodia and sclerotia.Sklyarova, T.; De Corte V.; Meerschaert, K.; Devriendt, L.; Vanloo, B.; Bailey, Juliet; Cook, Lynnette J.; Goethals, M.; Van Damme J.; Puype, M.; Vandekerckhove, J.; Gettemans, J.Journal Article
2002HGVbase: a human sequence variation database emphasizing data quality and a broad spectrum of data sources.Fredman, D.; Siegfried, M.; Yuan, Y.P.; Bork, P.; Lehväslaiho, H.; Brookes, Anthony J.Article
27-Sep-2002Are Drosophila telomeres an exception or the rule?Louis, Edward JohnJournal Article