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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
May-2009Determinants of phase variation rate and the fitness implications of differing rates for bacterial pathogens and commensals.Bayliss, CDJournal Article
3-Jun-2005Genetic association analysis: lessons from the study of Alzheimers disease.Brookes, AJ; Prince, JAJournal Article
Dec-2003No evidence for DNA copy number change associated with the DUP25 cytogenetic phenotype.Hollox, EJ; Armour, JAJournal Article
9-Jan-2007Human populations: houses for spouses.Balaresque, P; Jobling, MAJournal Article
2008Telomere length maintenance--an ALTernative mechanism.Royle, NJ; Foxon, J; Jeyapalan, JN; Mendez-Bermudez, A; Novo, CL; Williams, J; Cotton, VEJournal Article
13-Jun-2006Processes of copy-number change in human DNA: the dynamics of {alpha}-globin gene deletion.Lam, KW; Jeffreys, AJJournal Article
1-Sep-2000A physical and transcript map based upon refinement of the critical interval for PPH1, a gene for familial primary pulmonary hypertension. The International PPH Consortium.Machado, RD; Pauciulo, MW; Fretwell, N; Veal, C; Thomson, JR; Vilariño Güell C; Aldred, M; Brannon, CA; Trembath, RC; Nichols, WCJournal Article
7-Dec-2001Monitoring spontaneous and induced human mutation by RAPD-PCR: a response to Weinberg et al. (2001)Jeffreys, AJ; Dubrova, YEJournal Article
15-Apr-2000Somatic versus germline mutation processes at minisatellite CEB1 (D2S90) in humans and transgenic mice.Buard, J; Collick, A; Brown, J; Jeffreys, AJJournal Article
27-Oct-2006Rhythmic expression of the cycle gene in a hematophagous insect vector.Meireles-Filho, A.C.; Amoretty, P.R.; Souza, N.A.; Kyriacou, Charalambos P.; Peixoto, A.A.Journal Article