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2007A Molecular Basis for Natural Selection at the timeless Locus in Drosophila melanogasterSandrelli, F.; Tauber, E.; Pegoraro, M.; Mazzotta, G.; Cisotto, P.; Landskron, J.; Stanewsky, R.; Piccin, A.; Rosato, Ezio; Zordan, Mauro A.; Costa, R.; Kyriacou, Charalambos P.Article
2001Light-dependent interaction between Drosophila CRY and the clock protein PER mediated by the carboxy terminus of CRY.Rosato, Ezio; Codd, V.; Mazzotta, G.; Piccin, A.; Zordan, Mauro A.; Costa, R.; Kyriacou, Charalambos P.Article
2004Meiotic recombination hot spots and human DNA diversity.Jeffreys, Alec J.; Holloway, Kim; Kauppi, Liisa; May, Celia A.; Neumann, Rita; Slingsby, M. Timothy; Webb, Adam J.Article
2002Molecular characterization of inter-telomere and intra-telomere mutations in human ALT cells.Varley, H.; Pickett, H.A.; Foxon, Jennifer L.; Reddel, R.R.; Royle, Nicola J.Article
2006A network of protein interactions determines polyglutamine toxicity.Duennwald, M.L.; Jagadish, S.; Giorgini, Flaviano; Muchowski, Paul J.; Lindquist, S.Article
2003Transcription of antisense RNA leading to gene silencing and methylation as a novel cause of human genetic disease.Tufarelli, C.; Sloane-Stanley, Jacqueline A.; Garrick, D.; Sharpe, J.A.; Ayyub, H.; Wood, W.G.; Higgs, D.R.Article
2002Translational repression by MSY4 inhibits spermatid differentiation in mice.Giorgini, Flaviano; Davies, H.G.; Braun, R.E.Article
2003The THI5 gene family of Saccharomyces cerevisiae: distribution of homologues among the hemiascomycetes and functional redundancy in the aerobic biosynthesis of thiamin from pyridoxineWightman, R.; Meacock, P.A.Article
2003Temporal mating isolation driven by a behavioral gene in Drosophila.Tauber, E.; Roe, H.; Costa, R.; Hennessy, J.M.; Kyriacou, Charalambos P.Article
Jun-2003Candida albicans VPS11 is required for vacuole biogenesis and germ tube formationPalmer, Glen E.; Cashmore, Annette M.; Sturtevant, J.Article