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2003Role of receptor proteins for enterobactin and 2,3-dihydroxybenzoylserine in virulence of Salmonella enterica.Rabsch, W.; Methner, U.; Voigt, W.; Tschäpe, H.; Reissbrodt, R.; Williams, Peter H.Article
2004The staphylococcal ferritins are differentially regulated in response to iron and manganese and via PerR and Fur.Morrissey, Julie A.; Cockayne, A.; Brummell, K.; Williams, PaulArticle
2001Thiamin auxotrophy in yeast through altered cofactor dependence of the enzyme acetohydroxyacid synthaseByrne, K.L.; Meacock, P.A.Article
2005p53 deficiency does not affect mutation rate in the mouse germline.Burr, Karen L.A.; Smith, A.G.; Dubrova, Yuri E.Article
2002Reciprocol crossover asymmetry and meiotic drive in a human recombination hotspot.Jeffreys, Alec J.; Neumann, RitaArticle
2001Song production in auditory mutants of Drosophila: the role of sensory feedback.Tauber, E.; Eberl, D.F.Article
20-Sep-2000Induction of minisatellite mutations in the mouse germline by low-dose chronic exposure to γ-radiation and fission neutronsDubrova, YE; Brown, J; Jeffreys, AJ; Dubrova, YE; Plumb, M; Boulton, E; Goodhead, DJournal Article
26-Oct-2007Exonization of active mouse LIs: a driver of transcriptome evolution?Zemojtel, Tomasz; Penzkofe, Tobias; Schultz, Jorg; Dandekar, Thomas; Badge, Richard M.; Vingron, MartinArticle
18-Jan-2007Structured incorporation of prior information in relationship identification problemsSheehan, Nuala A.; Egeland, ThoreArticle
14-Jan-2009BioMart – biological queries made easySmedley, Damian; Haider, Syed; Ballester, Benoit; Holland, Richard; London, Darin; Thorisson, Gudmundur A.; Kasprzyk, ArekArticle