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19-Feb-2016Characterization and Diversity of Novel PIF/Harbinger DNA Transposons in Brassica GenomesNouroz, Faisal; Noreen, Shumaila; Heslop-Harrison, J. S. (Pat)Journal Article
9-May-2016Impaired P2X1 Receptor–Mediated Adhesion in Eosinophils from Asthmatic PatientsWright, Adam; Mahaut-Smith, Martyn; Symon, Fiona; Sylvius, Nicolas; Ran, Shaun; Bafadhel, Mona; Muessel, Michelle; Bradding, Peter; Wardlaw, Andrew; Vial, CatherineJournal Article
30-May-2017Cryptochrome Is a Regulator of Synaptic Plasticity in the Visual System of Drosophila melanogasterDamulewicz, Milena; Mazzotta, Gabriella M.; Sartori, Elena; Rosato, Ezio; Costa, Rodolfo; Pyza, Elzbieta M.Journal Article
7-Aug-2017Erratum: Polyploidy and interspecific hybridization: partners for adaptation, speciation and evolution in plants (vol 120, pg 183, 2017)Alix, Karine; Gérard, Pierre R.; Schwarzacher, Trude; Heslop-Harrison, J. S. (Pat)Journal Article
14-Jan-2014A High-Definition View of Functional Genetic Variation from Natural Yeast GenomesBergström, Anders; Simpson, Jared T.; Salinas, Francisco; Barré, Benjamin; Parts, Leopold; Zia, Amin; Nguyen Ba, Alex N.; Moses, Alan M.; Louis, Edward J.; Mustonen, Ville; Warringer, Jonas; Durbin, Richard; Liti, GianniJournal Article
29-Jun-2017Comparative cytogenomicsHeslop-Harrison, PatConference Paper
20-Apr-2019Serogroup-specific meningococcal carriage by age group: a systematic review and meta-analysisPeterson, ME; Li, Y; Shanks, H; Mile, R; Nair, H; Kyaw, MH; Amicizia, D; Bayliss, CD; Campos, LC; Cleary, PR; Delbos, V; Esposito, S; Kristiansen, PA; Mbaeyi, SA; Oldfield, NJ; Panatto, D; Rodrigues, F; Soeters, HM; Turner, DPJ; Xu, AJournal Article