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1-Dec-2006Systematic replication study of reported genetic associations in prostate cancer: Strong support for genetic variation in the androgen pathwayLindström, S; Jonsson, B-A; Zheng, SL; Sun, J; Chang, B-L; Liu, W; Li, G; Xu, J; Wiklund, F; Adami, H-O; Bälter, KA; Grönberg, H; Brookes, AJ; Brookes, AJ; Isaacs, WB; Adolfsson, J; Grönberg, HJournal Article
May-2012Observ-OM and Observ-TAB: Universal Syntax Solutions for the Integration, Search, and Exchange of Phenotype And Genotype InformationAdamusiak, T; Parkinson, H; Muilu, J; Roos, E; van der Velde KJ; Thorisson, GA; Byrne, M; Pang, C; Gollapudi, S; Ferretti, V; Hillege, H; Brookes, AJ; Swertz, MAJournal Article
May-2012Knowledge engineering for health: a new discipline required to bridge the "ICT gap" between research and healthcare.Beck, T; Gollapudi, S; Brunak, S; Graf, N; Lemke, HU; Dash, D; Buchan, I; Díaz, C; Sanz, F; Brookes, AJJournal Article
Mar-2012HGV2011: Personalized genomic medicine meets the incidentalomeWilson Sayres MA; Brookes, AJ; Chanock, SJ; Cheung, VG; Goldstein, DB; Jin, L; Kwok, P-Y; Kwok, P-YJournal Article
May-2012Observ-OM and observ-TAB: Universal syntax solutions for the integration, search, and exchange of phenotype and genotype informationAdamusiak, T; Parkinson, H; Muilu, J; Thorisson, GA; Byrne, M; Gollapudi, S; Brookes, AJ; Swertz, MA; Adamusiak, T; Parkinson, H; Swertz, MA; Muilu, J; Byrne, M; Muilu, J; Swertz, MA; Muilu, J; Roos, E; Pang, C; Ferretti, V; Hillege, H; Brookes, AJ; Swertz, MA; Roos, E; van der Velde KJ; Pang, C; Swertz, MA; van der Velde KJ; Swertz, MA; Thorisson, GA; Gollapudi, S; Brookes, AJ; Ferretti, V; Hillege, H; Swertz, MAJournal Article
Oct-2012Solving bottlenecks in data sharing in the life sciencesDalgleish, R; Brookes, AJ; Dalgleish, R; Molero, E; Diaz, C; Brookes, AJ; Molero, E; Diaz, C; Kidd, R; Kidd, R; Jansen, M; Past, D; Robl, A; Mons, B; Mons, A; Jansen, M; Mons, B; Mons, A; Past, D; Robl, A; Mons, B; Mons, AJournal Article
5-Jul-2005Mutation screening of a haplotype block around the insulin degrading enzyme gene and association with Alzheimer's diseaseFeuk, L; McCarthy, S; Andersson, B; Prince, JA; Brookes, AJJournal Article
May-2005Linkage disequilibrium patterns vary substantially among populationsSawyer, SL; Feuk, L; Brookes, AJ; Mukherjee, N; Pakstis, AJ; Kidd, JR; Kidd, KK; Sawyer, SL; Mukherjee, N; Brookes, AJJournal Article
Dec-2007Association of ADRB1 and UCP3 gene polymorphisms with insulin sensitivity but not obesityMottagui-Tabar, S; Hoffstedt, J; Arner, P; Dahlman, I; Jiao, H; Brookes, AJ; Dahlman, IJournal Article
Jul-2009Genomic variation in a global village: report of the 10th annual Human Genome Variation Meeting 2008.Brookes, AJ; Chanock, SJ; Hudson, TJ; Peltonen, L; Abecasis, G; Kwok, PY; Scherer, SWJournal Article