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19-Apr-2012Unexpected features of Drosophila circadian behavioural rhythms under natural conditions.Vanin, S; Bhutani, S; Montelli, S; Menegazzi, P; Green, EW; Pegoraro, M; Sandrelli, F; Costa, R; Kyriacou, CPJournal Article
6-Apr-2007Linear motifs in the C-terminus of D. melanogaster cryptochrome.Hemsley, MJ; Mazzotta, GM; Mason, M; Dissel, S; Toppo, S; Pagano, MA; Sandrelli, F; Meggio, F; Rosato, E; Costa, R; Tosatto, SCJournal Article
Aug-2005The clock gene period in the medfly Ceratitis capitata.Mazzotta, GM; Sandrelli, F; Zordan, MA; Mason, M; Benna, C; Cisotto, P; Rosato, E; Kyriacou, CP; Costa, RJournal Article
Apr-2007Phenotypic effects induced by knock-down of the period clock gene in Bombyx mori.Sandrelli, F; Cappellozza, S; Benna, C; Saviane, A; Mastella, A; Mazzotta, GM; Moreau, S; Pegoraro, M; Piccin, A; Zordan, MA; Cappellozza, L; Kyriacou, CP; Costa, RJournal Article
23-Feb-2010Drosophila timeless2 is required for chromosome stability and circadian photoreception.Benna, C; Bonaccorsi, S; Wülbeck, C; Helfrich-Förster, C; Gatti, M; Kyriacou, CP; Costa, R; Sandrelli, FJournal Article
17-Sep-2002The Drosophila clock protein timeless is a member of the arm/heat familyVodovar, N; Clayton, JD; Odell, M; Kyriacou, CP; Vodovar, N; Clayton, JD; Costa, RJournal Article
Nov-2007Circadian rhythm gene regulation in the housefly Musca domestica.Codd, V; Dolezel, D; Stehlik, J; Piccin, A; Garner, KJ; Racey, SN; Straatman, KR; Louis, EJ; Costa, R; Sauman, I; Kyriacou, CP; Rosato, EJournal Article
Sep-2006The period gene Thr-Gly polymorphism in Australian and African Drosophila melanogaster populations: implications for selection.Sawyer, LA; Sandrelli, F; Pasetto, C; Peixoto, AA; Rosato, E; Costa, R; Kyriacou, CPJournal Article
Sep-2008Comparative analysis of circadian clock genes in insects.Sandrelli, F; Costa, R; Kyriacou, CP; Rosato, EJournal Article
Jul-2007A cline in the Drosophila melanogaster period gene in Australia: neither down nor under.Kyriacou, CP; Peixoto, AA; Costa, RJournal Article