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2003Native American Y chromosomes in Polynesia: the genetic impact of the Polynesian slave tradeHurles, Matthew E.; Maund, Emma; Nicholson, Jayne; Bosch, Elena; Renfrew, Colin; Sykes, Bryan C.; Jobling, Mark A.Article
2001Y-chromosome lineages trace diffusion of people and languages in Southwestern AsiaQuintana-Murci, Lluis; Krausz, Csilla; Zerjal, Tatiana; Sayar, S. Hamid; Hammer, Michael F.; Mehdi, S. Qasim; Ayub, Qasim; Qamar, Raheel; Mohyuddin, Aisha; Radhakrishna, Uppala; Jobling, Mark A.; Tyler-Smith, Chris; McElreavey, KenArticle
2005The dual origin of the Malagasy in island Southeast Asia and East Africa: evidence from maternal and paternal lineagesHurles, Matthew E.; Sykes, Bryan C.; Jobling, Mark A.; Forster, PeterArticle
2006Genetic signatures of coancestry within surnamesKing, Turi E.; Ballereau, Stéphane J.; Schurer, K.; Jobling, Mark A.Article
2000Jewish and Middle Eastern non-Jewish populations share a common pool of Y-chromosome biallelic haplotypesHammer, Michael F.; Redd, A.J.; Wood, E.T.; Bonner, W.R.; Jarjanazi, H.; Karafet, T.; Santachiara-Benerecetti, S.; Oppenheim, A.; Jobling, Mark A.; Jenkins, Trefor; Ostrer, H.; Bonne-Tamir, B.Article
2004A Comprehensive Survey of Human Y-Chromosomal MicrosatellitesKayser, Manfred; Kittler, Ralf; Erler, Axel; Hedman, Minttu; Lee, Andrew C.; Mohyuddin, Aisha; Mehdi, S. Qasim; Rosser, Zoë H.; Stoneking, Mark; Jobling, Mark A.; Sajantila, Antti; Tyler-Smith, ChrisArticle
1-Feb-2007Structural variation on the short arm of the human Y chromosome: recurrent multigene deletions encompassing Amelogenin YJobling, Mark A.; Lo, Lek Chi C.; Turner, Daniel J.; Bowden, Georgina R.; Lee, Andrew C.; Xue, Yali; Carvalho-Silva, Denise R.; Hurles, Matthew E.; Adams, Susan M.; Chang, Yuet Meng; Kraaijenbrink, Thirsa; Henke, Jürgen; Guanti, Ginevra; McKeown, Brian; van Oorschot, Roland A.H.; Mitchell, R. John; de Knijff, Peter; Tyler-Smith, Chris; Parkin, Emma J.Article
Aug-200626-locus Y-STR typing in a Bhutanese population sampleParkin, Emma J.; Kraayenbrink, Thirsa; van Driem, George L.; Tshering of Gaselo, Karma; de Knijff, Peter; Jobling, Mark A.Article
May-2006The case of the unreliable SNP: recurrent back-mutation of Y-chromosomal marker P25 through gene conversion.Adams, Susan M.; King, Turi E.; Bosch, Elena; Jobling, Mark A.Article
2000Y-chromosomal diversity in Europe is clinal and influenced primarily by geography, rather than by languageRosser, Zoë H.; Zerjal, Tatiana; Hurles, Matthew E.; Adojaan, Maarjia; Alavantic, Dragan; Amorim, Antonio; Dubrova, Yuri E.; Jobling, Mark A.Article