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2004A constitutively active cryptochrome in Drosophila melanogasterDissel, S.; Codd, V.; Fedic, R.; Garner, K.; Costa, R.; Kyriacou, Charalambos P.; Rosato, EzioArticle
2004Meiotic recombination hot spots and human DNA diversity.Jeffreys, Alec J.; Holloway, Kim; Kauppi, Liisa; May, Celia A.; Neumann, Rita; Slingsby, M. Timothy; Webb, Adam J.Article
Apr-2004Comparative analysis of the α-like globin clusters in mouse, rat and human chromosomes indicates a mechanism underlying breaks in conserved synteny.Tufarelli, Cristina; Hardison, Ross; Miller, Webb; Hughes, Jim; Clark, Kevin; Ventress, Nicki; Frischauf, Anna-Marie; Higgs, Douglas R.Article
2004Complex SNP-related sequence variation in segmental genome duplications.Fredman, D.; White, Stefan J.; Potter, S.; Eichler, E.E.; Den Dunnen, J.T.; Brookes, Anthony J.Article
2004The CaCTR1 gene is required for high-affinity iron uptake and is transcriptionally controlled by a copper-sensing transactivator encoded by CaMAC1.Marvin, M.E.; Mason, R.P.; Cashmore, Annette M.Article
2004Telomere instability detected in sporadic colon cancers, some showing mutations in a mismatch repair genePickett, H.A.; Baird, D.M.; Hoff-Olsen, P.; Meling, G.I.; Rognum, T.O.; Shaw, J.A.; West, K.P.; Royle, Nicola J.Article
2004Intense and highly localized gene conversion activity in human meiotic crossover hot spots.Jeffreys, Alec J.; May, Celia A.Article
2004The staphylococcal ferritins are differentially regulated in response to iron and manganese and via PerR and Fur.Morrissey, Julie A.; Cockayne, A.; Brummell, K.; Williams, PaulArticle
2004A Comprehensive Survey of Human Y-Chromosomal MicrosatellitesKayser, Manfred; Kittler, Ralf; Erler, Axel; Hedman, Minttu; Lee, Andrew C.; Mohyuddin, Aisha; Mehdi, S. Qasim; Rosser, Zoë H.; Stoneking, Mark; Jobling, Mark A.; Sajantila, Antti; Tyler-Smith, ChrisArticle
May-2004Dynamics of a human interparalog gene conversion hotspotBosch, Elena; Hurles, Matthew E.; Navarro, Arcadi; Jobling, Mark A.Article