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Nov-2006Heme utilization in Campylobacter jejuniRidley, Kristian A.; Rock, Jonathan D.; Li, Ying; Ketley, Julian M.Article
2006A network of protein interactions determines polyglutamine toxicity.Duennwald, M.L.; Jagadish, S.; Giorgini, Flaviano; Muchowski, Paul J.; Lindquist, S.Article
2006Circadian orchestration of the hepatic proteomeReddy, A.B.; Karp, N.A.; Maywood, E.S.; Sage, E.A.; Deery, M.; O'Neill, J.S.; Wong, G.K.; Chesham, J.; Odell, M.; Lilley, K.S.; Kyriacou, Charalambos P.; Hastings, M.H.Article
2006Inaugural Article: Processes of copy-number change in human DNA: The dynamics of alpha-globin gene deletion.Lam, Kwan-Wood G.; Jeffreys, Alec J.Article
2006Nonsynonymous SNPs: validation characteristics, derived allele frequency patterns, and suggestive evidence for natural selection.Fredman, D.; Sawyer, S.L.; Strömqvist, L.; Mottagui-Tabar, Salim; Kidd, K.K.; Wahlestedt, Claes; Chanock, S.J.; Brookes, Anthony J.Article
2006Genetic signatures of coancestry within surnamesKing, Turi E.; Ballereau, Stéphane J.; Schurer, K.; Jobling, Mark A.Article
Aug-200626-locus Y-STR typing in a Bhutanese population sampleParkin, Emma J.; Kraayenbrink, Thirsa; van Driem, George L.; Tshering of Gaselo, Karma; de Knijff, Peter; Jobling, Mark A.Article
May-2006The case of the unreliable SNP: recurrent back-mutation of Y-chromosomal marker P25 through gene conversion.Adams, Susan M.; King, Turi E.; Bosch, Elena; Jobling, Mark A.Article
2006Radiation-induced transgenerational alterations in genome stability and DNA damage.Barber, Ruth C.; Hickenbotham, Peter; Hatch, T.; Kelly, D.; Topchiy, N.; Almeida, Gabriela M.; Jones, George D.D.; Johnson, G.E.; Parry, J.M.; Rothkamm, K.; Dubrova, Yuri E.Article
30-Nov-2006Radiation-induced transgenerational alterations in genome stability and DNA damage.Barber, RC; Hickenbotham, P; Hatch, T; Kelly, D; Topchiy, N; Almeida, GM; Jones, GD; Johnson, GE; Parry, JM; Rothkamm, K; Dubrova, YEJournal Article