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2007Natural Selection Favors a Newly Derived timeless Allele in Drosophila melanogasterTauber, E.; Zordan, Mauro A.; Sandrelli, F.; Pegoraro, M.; Osterwalder, N.; Breda, C.; Daga, A.; Selmin, A.; Monger, K.; Benna, C.; Rosato, Ezio; Kyriacou, Charalambos P.; Costa, R.Article
2007A Molecular Basis for Natural Selection at the timeless Locus in Drosophila melanogasterSandrelli, F.; Tauber, E.; Pegoraro, M.; Mazzotta, G.; Cisotto, P.; Landskron, J.; Stanewsky, R.; Piccin, A.; Rosato, Ezio; Zordan, Mauro A.; Costa, R.; Kyriacou, Charalambos P.Article
26-Oct-2007Exonization of active mouse LIs: a driver of transcriptome evolution?Zemojtel, Tomasz; Penzkofe, Tobias; Schultz, Jorg; Dandekar, Thomas; Badge, Richard M.; Vingron, MartinArticle
18-Jan-2007Structured incorporation of prior information in relationship identification problemsSheehan, Nuala A.; Egeland, ThoreArticle
Jun-2007Evaluating the performance of a block updating McMC sampler in a simple genetic applicationSheehan, Nuala A.; Guldbrandtsen, B.; Sorensen, D.A.Article
Feb-2007DNA diagnostics by surface-bound melt-curve reactionsStromqvist, Meuzelaar; Hopkins, K.; Liebana, E.; Brookes, Anthony J.Article
Aug-2007Mendelian randomisation as an instrumental variable approach to causal inferenceDidelez, Vanessa; Sheehan, Nuala A.Article
1-Feb-2007Structural variation on the short arm of the human Y chromosome: recurrent multigene deletions encompassing Amelogenin YJobling, Mark A.; Lo, Lek Chi C.; Turner, Daniel J.; Bowden, Georgina R.; Lee, Andrew C.; Xue, Yali; Carvalho-Silva, Denise R.; Hurles, Matthew E.; Adams, Susan M.; Chang, Yuet Meng; Kraaijenbrink, Thirsa; Henke, Jürgen; Guanti, Ginevra; McKeown, Brian; van Oorschot, Roland A.H.; Mitchell, R. John; de Knijff, Peter; Tyler-Smith, Chris; Parkin, Emma J.Article
May-2007Family based studies and genetic epidemiology: theory and practiceBarrett, Jennifer H.; Sheehan, Nuala A.; Cox, A.; Worthington, J.; Cannings, C.; Teare, M.D.Article
16-Sep-2007MegaPlex PCR: a strategy for multiplex amplificationMeuzelaar, Linda Strömqvist; Lancaster, Owen; Pasche, J. Paul; Kopal, Guido; Brookes, Anthony J.Article