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18-Aug-2008Male sexual ornament size is positively associated with reproductive morphology and enhanced fertility in the stalk-eyed fly Teleopsis dalmanniRogers, David W.; Denniff, Matthew; Chapman, Tracey; Fowler, Kevin; Pomiankowski, AndrewJournal Article
16-Dec-2008Sleep, arousal, and rhythms in flies.Rosato, E; Kyriacou, CPJournal Article
2008Validation of candidate therapeutic targets for Huntington's disease in Drosophila.Campesan, Susanna; Kyriacou, Charalambos P.; Giorgini, FlavianoOther
2008Identification and characterisation of microglia-specific suppressors of mutant huntingtin toxicity.Fearnley, Nicola; Mason, Robert; Bishop, Carrie; Kwan, Wanda; Muchowski, Paul J.; Möller, Thomas; Giorgini, FlavianoArticle
May-2008Paternal Exposure to Ethylnitrosourea Results in Transgenerational Genomic Instability in MiceDubrova, Yuri E.; Hickenbotham, Peter; Glen, Colin D.; Monger, Karen; Wong, Hiu-Pak; Barber, Ruth C.Article
10-May-2008Stage-specificity of spontaneous mutation at a tandem repeat DNA locus in the mouse germlineShanks, Morag E.; Riou, Lydia; Fouchet, Pierre; Dubrova, Yuri E.Article
Jan-2008Adjusting for founder relatedness in a linkage analysis using prior informationSheehan, Nuala A.; Egeland, ThoreArticle
Nov-2008Identifying genetic traces of historical expansions: Phoenician footprints in the Mediterranean.Zalloua, PA; Platt, DE; El Sibai M; Khalife, J; Makhoul, N; Haber, M; Xue, Y; Izaabel, H; Bosch, E; Adams, SM; Arroyo, E; López-Parra, AM; Aler, M; Picornell, A; Ramon, M; Jobling, MA; Comas, D; Bertranpetit, J; Wells, RS; Tyler-Smith, C; Genographic, ConsortiumJournal Article
16-Apr-2008Directional and balancing selection in human beta-defensins.Hollox, Edward J.; Armour, John ALJournal Article
Oct-2008Dynamic nature of the proximal AZFc region of the human Y chromosome: multiple independent deletion and duplication events revealed by microsatellite analysis.Balaresque, P; Bowden, GR; Parkin, EJ; Omran, GA; Heyer, E; Quintana-Murci, L; Roewer, L; Stoneking, M; Nasidze, I; Carvalho-Silva, DR; Tyler-Smith, C; de Knijff P; Jobling, MAJournal Article