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1-Sep-2009Genetic diversity and the emergence of ethnic groups in Central Asia.Heyer, E.; Balaresque, Patricia; Jobling, Mark A.; Quintana-Murci, L.; Chaix, R.; Segurel, L.; Aldashev, A.; Hegay, T.Journal Article
Mar-2009An integrated approach for measuring copy number variation at the FCGR3 (CD16) locus.Hollox, EJ; Detering, JC; Dehnugara, TJournal Article
Jul-2009Genomic variation in a global village: report of the 10th annual Human Genome Variation Meeting 2008.Brookes, AJ; Chanock, SJ; Hudson, TJ; Peltonen, L; Abecasis, G; Kwok, PY; Scherer, SWJournal Article
Apr-2009Differential testicular gene expression in seasonal fertility.Maywood, ES; Chahad-Ehlers, S; Garabette, ML; Pritchard, C; Underhill, P; Greenfield, A; Ebling, FJ; Akhtar, RA; Kyriacou, CP; Hastings, MH; Reddy, ABJournal Article
2009Exploiting yeast genetics to inform therapeutic strategies for Huntington's disease.Giorgini, Flaviano; Muchowski, PJJournal Article
Jun-2009The role of recombination in telomere length maintenance.Royle, NJ; Méndez-Bermúdez, A; Gravani, A; Novo, C; Foxon, J; Williams, J; Cotton, V; Hidalgo, AJournal Article
2009Beta-defensin-2 protein is a serum biomarker for disease activity in psoriasis and reaches biologically relevant concentrations in lesional skin.Jansen, P. A.; Rodijk-Olthuis, D.; Hollox, Edward J.; Kamsteeg, M.; Tjabringa, G. S.; de Jongh, G. J.; van Vlijmen-Willems, I. M.; Bergboer, J. G.; van Rossum, M. M.; de Jong, E. M.; den Heijer, M.; Evers, A. W.; Bergers, M.; Armour, J. A.; Zeeuwen, P. L.; Schalkwijk, J.Journal Article
2009Human T lymphocyte migration towards the supernatants of human rhinovirus infected airway epithelial cells: influence of exercise and carbohydrate intake.Bishop, N. C.; Walker, G. J.; Gleeson, M.; Wallace, F. A.; Hewitt, Colin R. A.Journal Article