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19-Sep-2013Human telomeres that carry an integrated copy of human herpesvirus 6 are often short and unstable, facilitating release of the viral genome from the chromosomeHuang, Yan; Hidalgo-Bravo, Alberto; Zhang, Enjie; Cotton, Victoria E.; Mendez-Bermudez, Aaron; Wig, Gunjan; Medina-Calzada, Zahara; Neumann, Rita; Jeffreys, Alec J.; Winney, Bruce; Wilson, James F.; Clark, Duncan A.; Dyer, Martin J.; Royle, Nicola J.Journal Article
24-Oct-2012An epi [c] genetic battle: LINE-1 retrotransposons and intragenomic conflict in humans.Muñoz-Lopez, M; Macia, A; Garcia-Cañadas, M; Badge, RM; Garcia-Perez, JLJournal Article
1-Jun-2014A major recombination hotspot in the XqYq pseudoautosomal region gives new insight into processing of human gene conversion eventsSarbajna, Shriparna; Denniff, Matthew; Jeffreys, Alec J.; Neumann, Rita; Artigas, María Soler; Veselis, Amelia; May, Celia A.Journal Article
25-Jul-2013Recombination Dynamics of a Human Y-Chromosomal Palindrome: Rapid GC-Biased Gene Conversion, Multi-kilobase Conversion Tracts, and Rare InversionsHallast, Pille; Balaresque, Patricia; Bowden, Georgina R.; Ballereau, Stéphane; Jobling, Mark A.Journal Article
28-Feb-2013The amidation step of diphthamide biosynthesis in yeast requires DPH6, a gene identified through mining the DPH1-DPH5 interaction network.Uthman, Shanow; Bär, Christian; Scheidt, Viktor; Liu, Shihui; ten Have, Sara; Giorgini, Flaviano; Stark, Michael J.R.; Schaffrath, RaffaelJournal Article
29-Jan-2013The influence of habitats on female mobility in Central and Western Africa inferred from human mitochondrial variationMontano, Valeria; Marcari, Veronica; Pavanello, Mariano; Anyaele, Okorie; Comas, David; Destro-Bisol, Giovanni; Batini, ChiaraJournal Article
9-Dec-2011Spatial and temporal variation in population genetic structure of wild Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) across Africa.Bezault, E.; Balaresque, Patricia; Toguyeni, A.; Fermon, Y.; Araki, H.; Baroiller, J.F.; Rognon, X.Journal Article
5-Sep-2012A mechanistic basis for amplification differences between samples and between genome regionsVeal, Colin D.; Freeman, Peter J.; Jacobs, K.; Lancaster, Owen; Jamain, S.; Leboyer, M.; Albanes, D.; Vaghela, R.R.; Gut, I.; Chanock, S.J.; Brookes, A.J.Journal Article
26-Sep-2013Dissociation of Circadian and Circatidal Timekeeping in the Marine Crustacean Eurydice pulchraZhang, Lin; Hastings, Michael H.; Green, Edward W.; Tauber, Eran; Sladek, Martin; Webster, Simon G.; Kyriacou, Charalambos P.; Wilcockson, David C.Journal Article
3-Oct-2012VarioML framework for comprehensive variation data representation and exchangeByrne, M.; Fokkema, I.F.A.C.; Lancaster, Owen; Adamusiak, T.; Ahonen-Bishopp, A.; Atlan, D.; Beroud, C.; Cornell, M.; Dalgleish, Raymond; Devereau, A.; Patrinos, G.P.; Swertz, M.A.; Taschner, P.E.M.; Thorisson, Gudmundur A.; Vihinen, M.; Brookes, A.J.; Muilu, J.Journal Article