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12-Nov-2013CCL3L1 copy number, HIV load, and immune reconstitution in sub-Saharan AfricansAklillu, Eleni; Odenthal-Hesse, Linda; Bowdrey, Jennifer; Habtewold, Abiy; Ngaimisi, Eliford; Yimer, Getnet; Amogne, Wondwossen; Mugusi, Sabina; Minzi, Omary; Makonnen, Eyasu; Janabi, Mohammed; Mugusi, Ferdinand; Aderaye, Getachew; Hardwick, Robert; Fu, Beiyuan; Viskaduraki, Maria; Yang, Fengtang; Hollox, Edward J.Journal Article
27-Mar-2013β-defensin genomic copy number does not influence the age of onset in Huntington’s diseaseVittori, Angelica; Orth, Michael; Roos, Raymund A. C.; Outeiro, Tiago F.; Giorgini, Flaviano; Hollox, Edward J.; REGISTRY investigators of the European Huntington’s Disease NetworkJournal Article
20-Jul-2011A Common Mutation in the Defensin DEFB126 Causes Impaired Sperm Function and SubfertilityTollner, Theodore L.; Venners, Scott A.; Hollox, Edward J.; Yudin, Ashley I.; Liu, Xue; Tang, Genfu; Xing, Houxun; Kays, Robert J.; Lau, Tsang; Overstreet, James W.; Xu, Xiping; Bevins, Charles L.; Cherr, Gary N.Journal Article
1-May-2014Whole exome re-sequencing implicates CCDC38 and cilia structure and function in resistance to smoking related airflow obstructionWain, Louise V.; Sayers, Ian; Soler Artigas, Marıa; Portelli, Michael A.; Zeggini, Eleftheria; Obeidat, Ma’en; Sin, Don D.; Bossé, Yohan; Nickle, David; Brandsma, Corry-Anke; Malarstig, Anders; Vangjeli, Ciara; Jelinsky, Scott A.; John, Sally; Kilty, Iain; McKeever, Tricia; Shrine, Nick R. G.; Cook, James P.; Patel, Shrina; Spector, Tim D.; Hollox, Edward J.; Hall, Ian P.; Tobin, Martin D.Journal Article
22-Jan-2014Copy-number variation of the neuronal glucose transporter gene SLC2A3 and age of onset in Huntington's diseaseVittori, Angelica; Breda, Carlo; Repici, Mariaelena; Orth, Michael; Roos, Raymund A. C.; Outeiro, Tiago F.; Giorgini, Flaviano; Hollox, Edward J.; REGISTRY investigators of the European Huntington's Disease NetworkJournal Article
6-Apr-2015Evolution of the rapidly mutating human salivary agglutinin gene (DMBT1) and population subsistence strategy.Polley, Shamik; Louzada, S.; Forni, D.; Sironi, M.; Balaskas, Theodosius; Hains, D. S.; Yang, F.; Hollox, Edward J.Journal Article
27-Oct-2014Evidence of convergent evolution in humans and macaques supports an adaptive role for copy number variation of the β-defensin-2 gene.Ottolini, Barbara; Hornsby, M. J.; Abujaber, Razan; MacArthur, J. A.; Badge, Richard M.; Schwarzacher, T.; Albertson, D. G.; Bevins, C. L.; Solnick, J. V.; Hollox, Edward J.Journal Article
8-Nov-2013Copy number variation of Fc gamma receptor genes in HIV-infected and HIV-tuberculosis co-infected individuals in Sub-Saharan AfricaMachado, Lee R.; Bowdrey, Jennifer; Ngaimisi, Eliford; Habtewold, Abiy; Minzi, Omary; Makonnen, Eyasu; Yimer, Getnet; Amogne, Wondwossen; Mugusi, Sabina; Janabi, Mohammed; Aderaye, Getachew; Mugusi, Ferdinand; Viskaduraki, Maria; Aklillu, Eleni; Hollox, Edward J.Journal Article
27-May-2014Copy Number Variation of the Beta Defensin Gene Cluster on Chromosome 8p Influences the Bacterial Microbiota within the Nasopharynx of Otitis-Prone ChildrenJones, E. A.; Kananurak, A.; Bevins, C. L.; Hollox, Edward J.; Bakaletz, L. O.Journal Article
22-Feb-2011Determination of beta-defensin genomic copy number in different populations: a comparison of three methodsFode, Peter; Jespersgaard, Cathrine; Hardwick, Robert J.; Bogle, Helen; Theisen, Michael; Dodoo, Daniel; Lenicek, Martin; Vitek, Libor; Vieira, Ana; Freitas, Joao; Andersen, Paal Skytt; Hollox, Edward J.Journal Article