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9-Dec-2011Spatial and temporal variation in population genetic structure of wild Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) across Africa.Bezault, E.; Balaresque, Patricia; Toguyeni, A.; Fermon, Y.; Araki, H.; Baroiller, J.F.; Rognon, X.Journal Article
28-Sep-2012Variation in the genomic locations and sequence conservation of STAR elements among staphylococcal species provides insight into DNA repeat evolution.Purves, Joanne; Blades, M.; Arafat, Y.; Malik, S.A.; Bayliss, Christopher D.; Morrissey, Julie A.Journal Article
26-Jul-2011Variants of the protein PRDM9 differentially regulate a set of human meiotic recombination hotspots highly active in African populations.Berg, IL; Neumann, R; Sarbajna, S; Odenthal-Hesse, L; Butler, NJ; Jeffreys, AJJournal Article
19-Mar-2012The impact of recent events on human genetic diversity.Jobling, MAJournal Article
8-Jun-2012Evolutionary history of copy-number-variable locus for the low-affinity Fcγ receptor: mutation rate, autoimmune disease, and the legacy of helminth infection.Machado, LR; Hardwick, RJ; Bowdrey, J; Bogle, H; Knowles, TJ; Sironi, M; Hollox, EJJournal Article
Mar-2010The Human Variome Project (HVP) 2009 Forum "Towards Establishing Standards".Howard, HJ; Horaitis, O; Cotton, RG; Vihinen, M; Dalgleish, R; Robinson, P; Brookes, AJ; Axton, M; Hoffmann, R; Tuffery-Giraud, SJournal Article
22-Sep-2011LINE-1 elements in structural variation and disease.Beck, CR; Garcia-Perez, JL; Badge, RM; Moran, JVJournal Article
Feb-2012Curating gene variant databases (LSDBs): toward a universal standard.Celli, J; Dalgleish, R; Vihinen, M; Taschner, PE; den Dunnen JTJournal Article
Jul-2011WAVe: web analysis of the variome.Lopes, P; Dalgleish, R; Oliveira, JLJournal Article
26-Nov-2013Locus Reference Genomic: reference sequences for the reporting of clinically relevant sequence variants.MacArthur, J. A.; Morales, J.; Tully, R. E.; Astashyn, A.; Gil, L.; Bruford, E. A.; Larsson, P.; Flicek, P.; Dalgleish, Raymond; Maglott, D. R.; Cunningham, F.Journal Article