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28-Sep-2012Variation in the genomic locations and sequence conservation of STAR elements among staphylococcal species provides insight into DNA repeat evolution.Purves, Joanne; Blades, M.; Arafat, Y.; Malik, S.A.; Bayliss, Christopher D.; Morrissey, Julie A.Journal Article
26-Jul-2011Variants of the protein PRDM9 differentially regulate a set of human meiotic recombination hotspots highly active in African populations.Berg, IL; Neumann, R; Sarbajna, S; Odenthal-Hesse, L; Butler, NJ; Jeffreys, AJJournal Article
24-May-2012Peroxiredoxins are conserved markers of circadian rhythms.Edgar, RS; Green, EW; Zhao, Y; van Ooijen G; Olmedo, M; Qin, X; Xu, Y; Pan, M; Valekunja, UK; Feeney, KA; Maywood, ES; Hastings, MH; Baliga, NS; Merrow, M; Millar, AJ; Johnson, CH; Kyriacou, CP; O'Neill, JS; Reddy, ABJournal Article
25-Jun-2010LINE-1 retrotransposition activity in human genomes.Beck, CR; Collier, P; Macfarlane, C; Malig, M; Kidd, JM; Eichler, EE; Badge, RM; Moran, JVJournal Article
Sep-2010Identification and characterization of a new ferric enterobactin receptor, CfrB, in Campylobacter.Xu, F; Zeng, X; Haigh, RD; Ketley, JM; Lin, JJournal Article
May-2011Influence of the combination and phase variation status of the haemoglobin receptors HmbR and HpuAB on meningococcal virulence.Tauseef, I; Harrison, OB; Wooldridge, KG; Feavers, IM; Neal, KR; Gray, SJ; Kriz, P; Turner, DP; Ala'Aldeen, DA; Maiden, MC; Bayliss, CDJournal Article
Sep-2011The Staphylococcus aureus CsoR regulates both chromosomal and plasmid-encoded copper resistance mechanisms.Baker, J; Sengupta, M; Jayaswal, RK; Morrissey, JAJournal Article
15-Feb-2011A novel form of pigment-dispersing hormone in the central nervous system of the intertidal marine isopod, Eurydice pulchra (leach).Wilcockson, DC; Zhang, L; Hastings, MH; Kyriacou, CP; Webster, SGJournal Article
Aug-2011Deficiency in DNA mismatch repair increases the rate of telomere shortening in normal human cells.Mendez-Bermudez, A; Royle, NJJournal Article
20-Jul-2011A Common Mutation in the Defensin DEFB126 Causes Impaired Sperm Function and SubfertilityTollner, Theodore L.; Venners, Scott A.; Hollox, Edward J.; Yudin, Ashley I.; Liu, Xue; Tang, Genfu; Xing, Houxun; Kays, Robert J.; Lau, Tsang; Overstreet, James W.; Xu, Xiping; Bevins, Charles L.; Cherr, Gary N.Journal Article