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1990Chemistry of phosphido-bridged dimolybdenum complexes. Part 5. Synthesis and protonation of a phosphido-bridged dimolybdenum complex containing a terminal alkyne ligand: X-ray crystal structures of [Mo(μ-PPh)(CO)(η-CMe )(η-CH)] and [Mo(μ-CO)(μ-PPh){μ-Ph...Conole, G; McPartlin, M; Mays, MJ; Morris, MJJournal Article
1990Synthesis of a series of hexanuclear ruthenium carbido cluster alkynes under mild conditions: X-ray structure analyses of the complexes [RuC(CO)(μ-η-PhCCH)] and [RuC(CO)(μ-η-PhCCMe)]Drake, SR; Johnson, BFG; Lewis, J; Conole, G; McPartlin, MJournal Article
1990Chemistry of phosphide-bridged dimolybdenum complexes. Part 6. The insertion of allene into co-ordinated μ-vinyl and η-allyl ligands; X-ray crystal structures of [Mo(η-CH)(μ-PMe ){η-CHC(CH)C(Me)=CH }(CO)] and [Mo...Conole, G; Henrick, K; McPartlin, M; Horton, AD; Mays, MJ; Sappa, EJournal Article
31-Jan-1990Dr. George Fussell: following the plough without flapdoodleSnell, Keith D.M.Article
1990The origins of the village in South Wales : a study in landscape archaeology.Kissock, Jonathan AndrewThesis
1990Britain and the two world warsHunt, Jocelyn; Watson, SheilaBook
1990Nation and Self: A Study of Four Modern Irish Literary AutobiographiesHughes, EamonnThesis
1990East End Jews in politics, 1918-1939: a study in class and ethnicity.Smith, Elaine RosaThesis
Apr-1990Rural History: The Prospect Before UsBellamy, Liz; Snell, Keith D.M.; Williamson, TomArticle
1990Rural history: towards a new disciplinary incorporation.Snell, Keith D.M.Article