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21-Feb-1997Synthesis and characterisation of the hexanuclear ruthenium diphosphine clusters [Ru6C(CO)(15){mu-Ph(2)P(CH2)(n)PPh(2)}] (n=1-4); Crystal structures where n=1-3Adatia, T; Conole, G; Drake, SR; Johnson, BFG; Kessler, M; Lewis, J; McPartin, MJournal Article
23-Nov-1998Preparation, mechanism, and structural study of group 6 transition metal 2-substituted eta(3)-butadienyl complexes: Crystal structure of [WCl(CO)(2){eta(3)-CH2C(COSBun)C=CH2}(1,10-phenanthroline)]Hodson, AGW; Conole, GJournal Article
1995Chemistry of the carbido- and nitrido-decaruthenium cluster anions [RuH(C)(CO)], [RuC(CO)] and [RuN(CO)]Bailey, PJ; Johnson, BFG; Conole, G; McPartlin, M; Powell, HR; Lewis, J; Moule, A; Wilkinson, DAJournal Article
1995Structure and mechanism in aerobic alkene epoxidations promoted by ruthenium complexes of bis(dihydrooxazole) ligandsBennett, S; Rowling, S; Sinn, E; Woodward, S; Brown, SM; Conole, G; Kessler, MJournal Article
1992Redox-chemical core manipulation of [osHgC(CO)]; Synthesis and crystal structure of the cluster [osHgC(CO)]Gade, LH; Lewis, J; Johnson, BFG; Conole, G; McPartlin, MJournal Article
1994Mechanism of nucleophilic solvolysis of 1,2-dibromo-1,2-dihydrocyclobuta[b] pyridine; X-ray crystal structure analysis of 1,2-dihydro-1-methoxycyclobuta[b] pyridine methiodideConole, G; Shepherd, MKJournal Article
1994Preparation and X-ray crystal structure analysis of 1,6- dinitrocycloheptatrieneBurnett, IJ; Conole, G; O'Donovan, GJ; Shepherd, MKJournal Article
1990Chemistry of phosphido-bridged dimolybdenum complexes. Part 5. Synthesis and protonation of a phosphido-bridged dimolybdenum complex containing a terminal alkyne ligand: X-ray crystal structures of [Mo(μ-PPh)(CO)(η-CMe )(η-CH)] and [Mo(μ-CO)(μ-PPh){μ-Ph...Conole, G; McPartlin, M; Mays, MJ; Morris, MJJournal Article
1990Synthesis of a series of hexanuclear ruthenium carbido cluster alkynes under mild conditions: X-ray structure analyses of the complexes [RuC(CO)(μ-η-PhCCH)] and [RuC(CO)(μ-η-PhCCMe)]Drake, SR; Johnson, BFG; Lewis, J; Conole, G; McPartlin, MJournal Article
1995Erratum: Additions and corrections (Journal of the Chemical Society, Dalton Transactions (1995) (741))Bailey, PJ; Conole, G; Johnson, BFG; Lewis, J; McPartlin, M; Moule, A; Powell, HR; Wilkinson, DAJournal Article