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1-Oct-2014Modernising Social Services in the Single Market: Putting the Market into the SocialSanchez Graells, Albert; Szyszczak, ErikaChapter
Sep-2014Prevention and deterrence of bid rigging : a look from the new EU directive on public procurementSanchez Graells, AlbertChapter
1-Dec-2013Rejection of abnormally low and non-compliant tenders in EU public procurement : A comparative view on selected jurisdictionsSanchez Graells, AlbertChapter
1-Dec-2013Award criteria and award-related challenges under Spanish public procurement lawSanchez Graells, AlbertChapter
2-Feb-2014New rules for health care procurement in the UK. A critical assessment from the perspective of EU economic lawSanchez Graells, AlbertJournal Article
2014Exclusion, Qualitative Selection and Short-listingSanchez Graells, AlbertChapter
5-Dec-2014Impact of public procurement aggregation on competition: risks, rationale and justification for the rules in directive 2014/24Sanchez Graells, Albert; Herrera Anchustegui, IgnacioReport
2-Feb-2014“Human Rights” Protection for Corporate Antitrust Defendants: Are We Not Going Overboard?Sanchez Graells, Albert; Marcos Fernandez, FranciscoOther
1-Nov-2013The difficult balance between transparency and competition in public procurement: some recent trends in the case law of the European Courts and a look at the new directivesSanchez Graells, AlbertReport
1-Jul-2014The EU’s Accession to the ECHR and Due Process Rights in EU Competition Law Matters: Nothing New Under the Sun?Sanchez Graells, AlbertChapter