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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
2017Glass production in medieval Spain: a long-term perspective on knowledge transferDuckworth, Chloe N.Conference Paper
3-Jan-2017Travelling objects: cross-cultural exchange and interaction in the Western Mediterranean in the Early Iron AgeRaiconi, MarcellaThesis
3-Jan-2017Sentencing at the International Criminal Court: A Practice in Search of a RationaleFlynn, Colin J.Thesis
4-Jan-2017Towards Legal Certainty: European Cross-Border Insolvency Law and Multinational Corporate GroupsAlmaskari, Bader JumaThesis
3-Jan-2017Utopia’s quest from somewhere to everywhere: Humanitarian thought-experiment or expansionist blueprint?Khoshnaw, Mahmood NawzadThesis
13-Jan-2017The identification of poultry processing in archaeological ceramic vessels using in-situ isotope references for organic residue analysisColonese, A. C.; Lucquin, A.; Guedes, E. P.; Thomas, R. M.; Best, J.; Fothergill, B. T.; Sykes, N.; Foster, A.; Miller, H.; Poole, K.; Maltby, M.; Von Tersch, M.; Craig, O. E.Journal Article
3-Jan-2017Chasing Dragons through Time and Space: Martabani dragon jars in the Kelabit highlands, Sarawak, East MalaysiaNyiri, BorbalaThesis
3-Jan-2017Representations of Breaking in Early Old English: An Orthographic and Phonological Studyvan der Schee, Sanne Jacoba FennechienaThesis
6-Jan-2017Libraries and the geography of use: how does geography and asset “attractiveness” influence the local dimensions of cultural participation?Delrieu, Varina; Gibson, LisanneJournal Article
22-Feb-2017Upper Canada Foodways: An Analysis of Faunal Remains Recovered from Urban and Rural Domestic Sites in Toronto (York), AD 1794-1900Tourigny, Eric DanielThesis