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Jun-2009Revisiting the peopling of Japan: an admixture perspective.Rasteiro, R; Chikhi, LJournal Article
11-Aug-2005Inferring the population of origin of DNA evidence within the UK by allele-specific hybridization of Y-SNPs.Wetton, JH; Tsang, KW; Khan, HJournal Article
14-May-1987Demographic study of a wild house sparrow population by DNA fingerprinting.Wetton, JH; Carter, RE; Parkin, DT; Walters, DJournal Article
Jan-2009Genomic complexity of the Y-STR DYS19: inversions, deletions and founder lineages carrying duplications.Balaresque, P; Parkin, EJ; Roewer, L; Carvalho-Silva, DR; Mitchell, RJ; van Oorschot RA; Henke, J; Stoneking, M; Nasidze, I; Wetton, J; de Knijff P; Tyler-Smith, C; Jobling, MAJournal Article
Apr-2007Thomas Jefferson's Y chromosome belongs to a rare European lineage.King, TE; Bowden, GR; Balaresque, PL; Adams, SM; Shanks, ME; Jobling, MAJournal Article
Mar-2009The medical decision-making process and the family: the case of breast cancer patients and their husbands.Gilbar, R; Gilbar, OJournal Article
4-Sep-2013The intestinal parasites of King Richard III.Mitchell, P. D.; Yeh, H-Y.; Appleby, Jo; Buckley, RichardJournal Article
17-Apr-2013Female and Male Perspectives on the Neolithic Transition in Europe: Clues from Ancient and Modern Genetic DataRasteiro, Rita; Chikhi, LounèsJournal Article
19-Jan-2010A predominantly neolithic origin for European paternal lineagesBalaresque, Patricia; Bowden, Georgina R.; Adams, Susan M.; Leung, Ho-Yee; King, Turi E.; Rosser, Zoë H.; Goodwin, J.; Moisan, J. P.; Richard, C.; Millward, A.; Demaine, A. G.; Barbujani, G.; Previderè, C.; Wilson, I. J.; Tyler-Smith, C.; Jobling, Mark A.Journal Article
17-Sep-2014Perimortem trauma in King Richard III: a skeletal analysis.Appleby, Jo; Rutty, Guy N.; Hainsworth, Sarah V.; Woosnam-Savage, Robert C.; Morgan, Bruno; Brough, Alison; Earp, Richard W.; Robinson, Claire; King, Turi E.; Morris, Mathew; Buckley, RichardJournal Article