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2003The Carboniferous evolution of the Central Coalfield Basin, Midland Valley of Scotland: implications for basin formation and the regional tectonic settingHooper, Matthew DavidThesis
27-Aug-2004Flexible N,N,N-Chelates as Supports for Iron and Cobalt Chloride Complexes; Synthesis, Structures, DFT calculations and Ethylene Oligomerisation StudiesCowdell, Richard; Davies, Christopher J.; Hilton, Stephen J.; Maréchal, Jean-Didier; Solan, Gregory A.; Thomas, Owen; Fawcett, JohnArticle
25-Feb-2005Recycling of a perfluoroalkylated BINOL ligand using fluorous solid-phase extraction.Fawcett, John; Hope, Eric G.; Stuart, Alison M.; West, Andrew J.Article
2-Sep-2005Hydrogenation in Supercritical 1,1,1,2-Tetrafluoroethane(HFC 134a).Abbott, Andrew P.; Eltringham, Wayne; Hope, Eric G.; Nicola, M.Article
31-Jul-2006Early multi-wavelength emission from gamma-ray bursts : from gamma-ray to X-rayO'Brien, Paul T.; Willingale, Richard; Osborne, Julian P.; Goad, Michael R.Journal Article
Dec-2006Geophysical constraints on the crustal architecture of the Troodos ophiolite: results from the IANGASS projectMackenzie, G. D.; Maguire, P. K. H.; Coogan, L. A.; Khan, M. A.; Eaton, M.; Petrides, G.Article
30-Mar-2005Impact of halogen monoxide chemistry upon boundary layer OH and HO[subscript 2] concentrations at a coastal siteBloss, W. J.; Lee, J. D.; Johnson, G. P.; Sommariva, R.; Heard, D. E.; Saiz-Lopez, A.; Plane, J. M. C.; McFiggans, G.; Coe, H.; Flynn, M.; Williams, P.; Rickard, A. R.; Fleming, Zoe L.Journal Article
8-Mar-2002Categories enriched on two sidesKelly, G. M.; Labella, A.; Schmitt, Vincent; Street, R.Article
Jun-2002Magnetism in exposed and coated nanoclusters studied by dichroism in X-ray absorption and photoemissionBinns, C; Baker, SH; Edmonds, KW; Finetti, P; Maher, MJ; Louch, SC; Dhesi, SS; Brookes, NBJournal Article
Feb-2002Magnetism in fe nanoclusters - From isolated particles to nanostructured materialsBinns, C; Baker, SH; Maher, MJ; Louch, S; Thornton, SC; Edmonds, KW; Dhesi, SS; Brookes, NBJournal Article