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27-Jun-2013Stationary and traveling vortical structures on swept cylinders and turbine bladesGostelow, J. Paul; Rona, Aldo; Garrett, Stephen J.; McMullan, William A.Conference Paper
1-Sep-2014Some examples of stability mode persistance and change in vortex structure formationRona, Aldo; Garrett, Stephen J.; Gostelow, J. PaulConference Paper
16-Jun-2014Streamwise and crossflow vortical structures on turbine blades and swept cylindersRona, Aldo; Gostelow, J. PaulConference Paper
3-Aug-2014Some canonical examples of streamwise vortex structure for rotating componentsGostelow, J. Paul; Garrett, Stephen J.; Rona, Aldo; Adebayo, David S.Conference Paper
2012Encounters with vortices in a turbine nozzle passageGostelow, J. Paul; Mahallati, A.; Carscallen, W.E.; Rona, AldoJournal Article
28-Sep-2012Streamwise and crossflow instabilities on inclined circular cylindersGarrett, Stephen J.; Gostelow, J. Paul; McMullan, W. A.; De Saint Jean, M.; Rona, AldoConference Paper
1-Sep-2013Some examples of stability mode persistence and change in vortex structure formationRona, Aldo; Garrett, Stephen J.; Gostelow, J. Paul; Adebayo, David S.Conference Poster
2002Wave reflection on porous walls: Numerical modelling and application to transonic wind tunnelsPaciorri, R.; Sabetta, F.; Rona, AldoConference paper
Oct-2009On the generation of the mean velocity profile for turbulent boundary layers with pressure gradient under equilibrium conditions.Rona, Aldo; Grottadaurea, M.; Monti, M.; Airiau, C.; Gandhi, T.Conference paper
Jan-2009Comparison of Optimized High-Order Finite-Difference Schemes for Computational AeroacousticsRona, Aldo; Spisso, Ivan; Pirozzoli, Sergio; Bernardini, MatteoConference paper