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30-Apr-2015Land Degradation Assessment using Residual Trend Analysis of GIMMS NDVI3g, Soil Moisture and Rainfall in Sub-Saharan West Africa from 1982-2012Ibrahim, Yahaya Z.; Balzter, Heiko; Kaduk, Jorg; Tucker, Compton J.Journal Article
16-Dec-2014A conceptual model for assessing rainfall and vegetation trends in Sub-Saharan Africa from satellite dataHoscilo, A.; Balzter, Heiko; Bartholomé, E.; Boschetti, M.; Brivio, P. A.; Brink, A.; Clerici, M.; Pekel, J. -F.Journal Article
6-Mar-2015Multi-Scale Entropy Analysis as a Method for Time-Series Analysis of Climate DataBalzter, Heiko; Tate, Nicholas J.; Kaduk, Jorg; Harper, David; Page, Susan; Morrison, Ross; Muskulus, Michael; Jones, PhilJournal Article
9-Jul-2013Retrieval of savanna vegetation canopy height from ICESat-GLAS spaceborne LiDAR with terrain correctionKhalefa, Ehsan; Smit, Izak P. J.; Nickless, Alecia; Archibald, Sally; Comber, Alexis; Balzter, HeikoJournal Article
17-Jun-2015Remote sensing and GIS for habitat quality monitoring: New approaches and future researchZlinszky, A.; Heilmeier, H.; Balzter, Heiko; Czúcz, B.; Pfeifer, N.Journal Article
12-Jun-2015Detecting the effects of hydrocarbon pollution in the Amazon forest using hyperspectral satellite images.Arellano, Paul; Tansey, Kevin; Balzter, Heiko; Boyd, D. S.Journal Article
8-Jul-2014Mapping Tree Species in Coastal Portugal Using Statistically Segmented Principal Component Analysis and Other MethodsPandey, Prem Chandra; Tate, Nicholas J.; Balzter, HeikoJournal Article
25-Jun-2012Introduction to the special issue: Satellite Remote Sensing in the Service of Regional and Local AuthoritiesCarrara, Paola; Wells, Alan; Balzter, Heiko; Bartholome, Etienne; Podaire, AlainJournal Article
11-Sep-2015Evaluating sentinel-2 for lakeshore habitat mapping based on airborne hyperspectral dataStratoulias, D.; Balzter, Heiko; Sykioti, O.; Zlinszky, A.; Tóth, V. R.Journal Article
6-Nov-2015Mapping CORINE Land Cover from Sentinel-1 SAR and SRTM Digital Elevation Model using Random ForestsBalzter, Heiko; Cole, Beth; Thiel, C.; Schmullius, C.Journal Article