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Sep-2006Climatic and geographic patterns of river runoff formation in Northern EurasiaOnuchin, Alexander; Balzter, Heiko; Borisova, Helen; Blyth, EleanorArticle
15-May-2003Large-scale mapping of boreal forest in SIBERIA using ERS tandem coherence and JERS backscatter dataWagner, Wolfgang; Luckman, Adrian; Vietmeier, Jan; Tansey, Kevin; Balzter, Heiko; Schmullius, Christiane; Davidson, Malcolm; Gaveau, David; Gluck, Michael; Le Toan, Thuy; Quegan, Shaun; Shvidenko, Anatoly; Wiesmann, Andreas; Yu, Jiong JiongArticle
Feb-2003Estimation of tree growth in a conifer plantation over 19 years from multi-satellite L-band SARBalzter, Heiko; Skinner, Laine; Luckman, Adrian; Brooke, R.Article
28-Feb-2000Markov chain models for vegetation dynamicsBalzter, HeikoArticle
1-Apr-1998Cellular automata models for vegetation dynamicsBalzter, Heiko; Braun, Paul W.; Köhler, WolfgangArticle
20-Jul-2006A statistical model linking Siberian forest fire scars with early summer rainfall anomaliesJupp, Tim E.; Taylor, Christopher M.; Balzter, Heiko; George, Charles T.Article
2005Impact of the Arctic Oscillation pattern on interannual forest fire variability in Central SiberiaBalzter, Heiko; Gerard, France F.; George, Charles T.; Rowland, Clare S.; Jupp, T. E.; McCallum, I.; Shvidenko, Anatoly; Nilsson, S.; Sukhinin, A.; Onuchin, Alexander; Schmullius, ChristianeArticle
7-Oct-2010Assimilation of land-surface temperature into the land surface model JULES with an Ensemble Kalman FilterGhent, Darren; Kaduk, Jörg; Remedios, J.; Ardö, J.; Balzter, HeikoArticle
Aug-2002Retrieval of timber volume and snow water equivalent over a Finnish boreal forest from airborne polarimetric Synthetic Aperture RadarBalzter, Heiko; Baker, John R.; Hallikainen, Martti; Tomppo, ErkkiArticle
23-Dec-2008Studying the change in fAPAR after forest fires in Siberia using MODISCuevas-González, Maria; Gerard, France; Balzter, Heiko; Riaño, DavidArticle