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Sep-2010Routes to ruthenium-fluoro cations of the type [RuL (CO) F] (n = 2,3; L = PR , NHC): A play-off between solvent, L and weakly coordinating anionColeman, KS; Fawcett, J; Harding, DAJ; Hope, EG; Singh, K; Solan, GA; Coleman, KSJournal Article
1-Sep-2004Ruthenium-catalysed asymmetric hydrogenation with fluoroalkylated BINAP ligands in supercritical COHu, Y; Xiao, J; Birdsall, DJ; Stuart, AM; Hope, EGJournal Article
27-Mar-2006Rhodium, palladium and platinum coordination complexes of fluoroalkylated-BINAP and -MonoPhos ligandsFawcett, J; Hope, EG; Stuart, AM; West, AJJournal Article
Nov-2004A continuous process concept for homogeneous catalysis in fluorous biphasic systemsPerperi, E; Huang, Y; Angeli, P; Manos, G; Mathison, CR; Cole-Hamilton, DJ; Adams, DA; Hope, EGJournal Article
1-Aug-2006Coordination chemistry of 1,2-bis{di-(4-methoxyphenyl)phosphino}ethane (L-L) to nickel, palladium and platinum: Single crystal structures of [MCl(L-L)] (M = Ni, Pd)Fawcett, J; Hope, EG; Stuart, AM; Sherrington, JJournal Article
Oct-2009Coordination chemistry of perfluoroalkylated phosphorus(III) ligandsGudmunsen, D; Hope, EG; Paige, DR; Stuart, AMJournal Article
10-Sep-2010Insoluble perfluoroalkylated polymers: New solid supports for supported fluorous phase catalysisAudic, N; Hope, EG; Stuart, AM; Suhard, S; Dyer, PWJournal Article
Mar-2005Pressure effects on Friedel-Crafts alkylation reactions in supercritical difluoromethane.Abbott, AP; Corr, S; Durling, NE; Hope, EGJournal Article
19-Jul-2007Probing solute clustering in supercritical solutions using solvatochromic parameters.Abbott, AP; Hope, EG; Palmer, DJJournal Article
21-Dec-2005Rhodium catalysed hydroformylation of alkenes using highly fluorophilic phosphines.Adams, DJ; Bennett, JA; Cole-Hamilton, DJ; Hope, EG; Hopewell, J; Kight, J; Pogorzelec, P; Stuart, AMJournal Article