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2006Re-evaluation of the X-ray crystal structure of [TaF ] and the synthesis and characterization of a series of mixed-metal pentafluorides of niobium and tantalumBrewer, SA; Brisdon, AK; Fawcett, J; Holliman, PJ; Holloway, JH; Hope, EG; Russell, DR; Holliman, PJJournal Article
Jul-2004Recovery and recycle of fluoroalkyl-derivatised BINAP ligands using FRP silica gelHope, EG; Stuart, AM; West, AJJournal Article
28-Nov-2010Stabilisation of iridium(III) fluoride complexes with NHCs.Fawcett, J; Harding, DA; Hope, EG; Singh, K; Solan, GAJournal Article
Apr-2005Solubility of unsaturated carboxylic acids in supercritical 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane (HFC 134a) and a methodology for the separation of ternary mixturesAbbott, AP; Eltringham, W; Hope, EG; Nicola, MJournal Article
Apr-2003Asymmetric hydrogenation with perfluoroalkylated monodentate phosphorus(III) ligands in supercritical CO and CH ClAdams, DJ; Hope, EG; Lange, S; Stuart, AM; West, A; Chen, W; Xiao, JJournal Article
1-Apr-2006Polymer modification using difluoromethane (HFC 32) and carbon dioxideAbbott, AP; Eltringham, W; Hillman, AR; Brooks, N; Hope, EGJournal Article
7-Oct-2003Separation, recovery and recycling of a fluorous-tagged nickel catalyst using fluorous solid-phase extractionCroxtall, B; Hope, EG; Stuart, AMJournal Article
1-Jan-2003Synthesis and coordination chemistry of perfluoroalkyl-derivatised β-diketonatesCroxtall, B; Fawcett, J; Hope, EG; Stuart, AMJournal Article
27-Feb-2012Bis-cyclometalation of fluorinated N-aryl NHCsHarding, DAJ; Hope, EG; Singh, K; Solan, GAJournal Article
13-May-2002Hydroformylation in perfluorinated solvents; improved selectivity, catalyst retention and product separationFoster, DF; Schwarz, GP; Gudmunsen, D; Adams, DJ; Stuart, AM; Hope, EG; Cole-Hamilton, DJ; Pogorzelec, PJournal Article