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11-Feb-2005Hierarchical merging, ultraluminous and hyperluminous X-ray sourcesKing, AR; Dehnen, WJournal Article
20-Sep-2000On a theoretical interpretation of the period gap in binary millisecond pulsarsTaam, RE; King, AR; Ritter, HJournal Article
20-Sep-2000Blob model for polar accretionKing, ARJournal Article
1-Feb-2005A high-velocity ionized outflow and XUV photosphere in the narrow emission line quasar PG1211+143 (vol 345, pg 705, 2003)Pounds, KA; Reeves, JN; King, AR; Page, KL; O'Brien, PT; Turner, MJLJournal Article
10-Oct-2006The M-sigma relation for nucleated galaxiesMcLaughlin, DE; King, AR; Nayakshin, SJournal Article
1-Dec-2006Probing the low-luminosity X-ray luminosity function in normal elliptical galaxiesKim, D-W; Fabbiano, G; Kalogera, V; King, AR; Pellegrini, S; Trinchieri, G; Zepf, SE; Zezas, A; Angelini, L; Davies, RL; Gallagher, JSJournal Article
20-Dec-2010Field and globular cluster low-mass X-ray binaries in NGC 4278Fabbiano, G; Brassington, NJ; Kim, D-W; Zezas, A; Lentati, L; Richings, AJ; Angelini, L; Davies, RL; Gallagher, J; Kalogera, V; King, AR; Kundu, A; Zepf, S; Pellegrini, S; Trinchieri, G; Zezas, A; Zezas, AJournal Article
Jul-2012Scars of intense accretion episodes at metal-rich white dwarfsFarihi, J; Pringle, JE; King, AR; Gänsicke, BT; Girven, J; Wyatt, MC; Pringle, JEJournal Article
Nov-2008Deep chandra monitoring observations of NGC 3379: Catalog of source propertiesBrassington, NJ; Fabbiano, G; Kim, D-W; Zezas, A; Zepf, S; Kundu, A; Angelini, L; Davies, RL; Gallagher, J; Kalogera, V; Fragos, T; King, AR; Pellegrini, S; Trinchieri, GJournal Article
20-Aug-2012The spectral and temporal properties of transient sources in early-type galaxiesBrassington, NJ; Brassington, NJ; Fabbiano, G; Zezas, A; Kim, D-W; Fragos, T; Wright, NJ; Zezas, A; Zezas, A; Kundu, A; King, AR; Pellegrini, S; Trinchieri, G; Zepf, SJournal Article