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21-Sep-2002Blunting the spike: The cataclysmic variable minimum periodKing, AR; Schenker, K; Hameury, JMJournal Article
Sep-2006Chandra monitoring observations of the antennae galaxies. I. Catalog of source propertiesZezas, A; Fabbiano, G; Baldi, A; Rots, AH; Schweizer, F; King, AR; Ponman, TJJournal Article
Jan-2006Chemical enrichment of the complex hot ISM of the Antennae galaxies. I. Spatial and spectral analysis of the diffuse X-ray emissionBaldi, A; Raymond, JC; Fabbiano, G; Zezas, A; Rots, AH; Schweizer, F; King, AR; Ponman, TJJournal Article
2009Comparing gc and field LMXBs in elliptical galaxies with deep chandra and hubble dataKim, D-W; Fabbiano, G; Brassington, NJ; Zezas, A; Jordn, A; Fragos, T; Kalogera, V; Jordn, A; Sivakoff, GR; Sarazin, CL; Kundu, A; Zepf, SE; Angelini, L; Juett, AM; Davies, RL; Gallagher, JS; King, AR; Pellegrini, S; Trinchieri, GJournal Article
1-Jul-2000The population of faint transients in the Galactic CentreKing, ARJournal Article
11-Feb-2004Variability in black hole accretion discsKing, AR; West, RG; Pringle, JE; Pringle, JE; Livio, MJournal Article
2009Episodic random accretion and the cosmological evolution of supermassive black hole spinsWang, J-M; Hu, C; Li, Y-R; Chen, Y-M; Yan, C-S; Zhang, S; Wang, J-M; King, AR; Marconi, A; Ho, LC; Staubert, RJournal Article
1-Feb-2005Erratum: A high-velocity ionized outflow and XUV photosphere in the narrow emission line quasar PG1211+143Pounds, KA; Reeves, JN; King, AR; Page, KL; O'Brien, PT; Turner, MJLJournal Article
1-Dec-2008Discovery of hot gas in outflow in NGC 3379Trinchieri, G; Pellegrini, S; Fabbiano, G; Fu, R; Brassington, NJ; Zezas, A; Kim, D-W; Gallagher, J; Angelini, L; Davies, RL; Kalogera, V; King, AR; Zepf, SJournal Article
3-Sep-2018An ultrafast inflow in the luminous Seyfert PG1211+143Pounds, KA; Nixon, C; Lobban, A; King, ARJournal Article