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1-Feb-2004Could black hole x-ray binaries be detected in globular clusters?Kalogera, V; King, AR; Rasio, FAJournal Article
20-Jan-1996Spin and orbital evolution in low-mass binary pulsarsBurderi, L; King, AR; Wynn, GAJournal Article
20-Aug-1996Global analysis of mass transfer cycles in cataclysmic variablesKing, AR; Frank, J; Kolb, U; Ritter, HJournal Article
1-Mar-2004An observational diagnostic for ultraluminous X-ray sourcesKalogera, V; Henninger, M; Ivanova, N; King, ARJournal Article
10-Apr-2004X-raying chemical evolution and galaxy formation in the AntennaeFabbiano, G; Baldi, A; Raymond, J; Rots, A; Zezas, A; King, AR; Ponman, TJ; Read, A; Schweizer, FJournal Article
8-Jul-2011A possible relativistic jetted outburst from a massive black hole fed by a tidally disrupted star.Bloom, JS; Giannios, D; Metzger, BD; Cenko, SB; Perley, DA; Butler, NR; Tanvir, NR; Levan, AJ; O'Brien, PT; Strubbe, LE; De Colle F; Ramirez-Ruiz, E; Lee, WH; Nayakshin, S; Quataert, E; King, AR; Cucchiara, A; Guillochon, J; Bower, GC; Fruchter, AS; Morgan, AN; van der Horst AJJournal Article
2003Resolved jets and long-period black hole X-ray novaeGarcia, MR; Miller, JM; McClintock, JE; King, AR; Orosz, JJournal Article
21-Dec-2002The origin of the rebrightening in soft X-ray transient outburstsTruss, MR; Wynn, GA; Murray, JR; King, ARJournal Article
21-Nov-1999The spin period of EX HydraeKing, AR; Wynn, GAJournal Article
10-Feb-2000The evolutionary status of SS 433King, AR; Taam, RE; Begelman, MCJournal Article