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1-Sep-2016PEESOS-Cloud: a workload-aware architecture for performance evaluation in service-oriented systemsFerreira, C. H. G.; Nunes, L. H.; Pereira Jr., L. A.; Nakamura, L. H.; Estrella, J. C.; Reiff-Marganiec, StephanConference Paper
12-Dec-2015Combining Time Series Prediction Models Using Genetic Algorithm to Auto-scaling Web Applications Hosted in the Cloud InfrastructureMessias, V. R.; Estrella, J. C.; Ehlers, R.; Santana, M. J.; Santana, R. C.; Reiff-Marganiec, StephanJournal Article
2015DCA-SERVICES: A distributed and collaborative architecture for conducting experiments in service oriented systemsNunes, L. H.; Ferreira, C. H. G.; Nakamura, L. H. V.; Libardi, R. M. D. O.; de Oliveira, E. M.; Kuehne, B. T.; Souza, P. S. L.; Santana, R. H. C.; Santana, M. J.; Estrella, J. C.; Reiff-Marganiec, StephanJournal Article
2-Jul-2015Quality of Service on Services Selection using Anycast Techniques: a Convergence AnalysisAdami, L. J.; Estrella, J. C.; Reiff-Marganiec, Stephan; Libardi, R. M. D. O.Conference Paper
10-Nov-2015Performance Evaluation of Resource Management in Cloud Computing EnvironmentsBatista, B. G.; Estrella, J. C.; Ferreira, C. H. G.; Filho, D. M. L.; Nakamura, L. H. V.; Reiff-Marganiec, Stephan; Santana, M. J.; Santana, R. H. C.Journal Article
25-May-2017A low cost workload generation approach through the cloud for capacity planning in Service-Oriented SystemsFerreira, C. H. G.; Estrella, J. C.; Nunes, L. H.; Reiff-Marganiec, Stephan; Batista, B. G.; Nakamura, L. H. V.; Leite, D.; Peixoto, M.; Libardi, R. M. D. O.Conference Paper