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2007Interaction and Context in Service-Oriented E-Collaboration EnvironmentsDorn, Christoph; Dustdar, Schahram; Giuliani, Giovanni; Gombotz, Robert; Ning, Ke; Peray, Sébastien; Reiff-Marganiec, Stephan; Schall, Daniel; Tilly, MarcelBook chapter
2011Modeling business process of web services with an Extended STRIPS Operations to detection feature interaction problems runtimeXu, Jiuyun; Chen, Kun; Duan, Youxiang; Reiff-Marganiec, StephanConference paper
2010Structure and Behaviour of Virtual Organisation Breeding EnvironmentsBocchi, Laura; Fiadeiro, José; Rajper, Noor; Reiff-Marganiec, StephanConference paper
Jul-2010Web Services Feature Interaction Detection based on Situation CalculusXu, Jiuyun; Yu, Wengong; Chen, Kun; Reiff-Marganiec, StephanConference paper
Jul-2010Process Reservation for Service-Oriented ApplicationsChen, HongHui; Ma, JianWei; Huangfu, Xianpeng; Guo, Deke; Reiff-Marganiec, StephanConference paper
2011Towards A Collaborative Framework for Image Annotation and SearchHong, Yi; Reiff-Marganiec, StephanConference paper
Aug-2007Context-sensitive Team Formation: Towards Model-Based Context Reasoning and UpdateYu, Hong Qing; Hong, Yi; Heckel, Reiko; Reiff-Marganiec, StephanConference paper
May-2003A Policy Architecture for Enhancing and Controlling FeaturesReiff-Marganiec, Stephan; Turner, Kenneth J.Conference paper
22-Jul-2013User Activity Recognition through Software SensorsReiff-Marganiec, StephanChapter
Oct-2006Policy Support for Business-oriented Web Service ManagementGorton, Stephen; Reiff-Marganiec, StephanConference paper