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2-Jul-2014MSSF: A step towards user-friendly multi-cloud data dispersalLibardi, R. M. de O.; Bedo, M. V. N.; Reiff-Marganiec, Stephan; Estrella, Julio C.Conference Paper
2-Jul-2014Performance Evaluation in a Cloud with the Provisioning of Different Resources ConfigurationsBatista, B. G.; Estrella, J. C.; Santana, M. J.; Santana, R. H. C.; Reiff-Marganiec, StephanConference Paper
2-Jul-2014Study Case of Restful Frameworks in Raspberry Pi: A Perfomance and Energy OverviewNunes, L. H.; Nakamura, L. H. V.; De F. Vieira, H.; De O. Libardi, R. M.; De Oliveira, E. M.; Adami, L. J.; Estrella, J. C.; Reiff-Marganiec, StephanConference Paper
28-Oct-2014Managing access control policy from end user perspective in collaborative environmentAhmad, S.; Omar, N.; Abidin, S. Z. Z.; Reiff-Marganiec, StephanConference Paper
7-Dec-2014Performance and energy evaluation of RESTful web services in Raspberry PiNunes, L. H.; Nakamura, L. H. V.; De F. Vieira, H..; De O. Libardi, R. M.; De Oliveira, E. M.; Estrella, J. C.; Reiff-Marganiec, StephanConference Paper
5-Nov-2014Classifying Smart Objects using capabilitiesPérez Hernández, Marco E.; Reiff-Marganiec, StephanConference Paper
21-Nov-2014Design and implementation of fault tolerance techniques to improve QoS in SOAOliveira, E. M.; Estrella, J. C.; Kuehne, B. T.; Filho, D. M. L.; Adami, L. J.; Nunes, L. H.; Nakamura, L. H.; Libardi, R. M.; Souza, P. S. L.; Reiff-Marganiec, StephanConference Paper
21-Nov-2014A semantic approach for efficient and customized management of IaaS resourcesNakamura, L. H. V.; Estrella, J. C.; Santana, R. H. C.; Santana, M. J.; Reiff-Marganiec, StephanConference Paper
12-Dec-2014Observing access control policies using scrabble gamesAhmad, S.; Abidin, S. Z. Z.; Omar, N.; Reiff-Marganiec, StephanConference Paper
22-Mar-2004Feature interaction in policiesReiff-Marganiec, Stephan; Turner, Kenneth J.Journal Article