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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
18-Sep-2007Inverse-type estimates on hp-finite element spaces and applicationsGeorgoulis, Emmanuil H.Article
2007Extending the range of error estimates for radial approximation in Euclidean space and on spheresBrownlee, R.A.; Georgoulis, Emmanuil H.; Levesley, JeremyArticle
2007Envelopes and osculates of Willmore surfacesLeschke, K.; Pedit, F.Article
2007Quantum conjugacy classes of simple matrix groupsMudrov, A.I.Article
22-May-2007Electroless Deposition of Metallic Silver from a Choline Chloride Based Ionic Liquid : A Study Using Acoustic Impedance Spectroscopy, SEM and Atomic Force MicroscopyAbbott, Andrew P.; Nandhra, Satvinder; Postlethwaite, Stella; Smith, Emma L.; Ryder, Karl S.Article
1-Apr-2007The global trend in sea surface temperature from 20 years of advanced very-high resolution radiometer dataGood, S. A.; Corlett, G. K.; Remedios, J. J.; Noyes, E. J.; Llewellyn-Jones, D. T.Article
2007Determining compositional profiles within conducting polymer films following reaction with vapour phase reagents.Glidle, A.; Pearson, P.E.; Smith, E.L.; Cooper, J.M.; Cubitt, R.; Dalgleish, R.M.; Hillman, A.R.; Ryder, K.S.Article
2007Electrodeposition of Zinc-Tin Alloys From Deep Eutectic Solvents Based on Choline ChlorideAbbott, A.P.; Capper, G.; McKenzie, K.J.; Ryder, K.S.Article
2007Dichroic filters for astronomical X-ray polarimetryBannister, N.P.; Harris, K.D.M.; Collins, S.P.; Martindale, Adrian; Monks, Paul S.; Solan, G.A.; Fraser, G.W.Article
Sep-2007Reflection equation and twisted YangiansMudrov, AIJournal Article