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2-Feb-2007The effect of anion identity on the viscoelastic properties of polyaniline films during electrochemical film deposition and redox cyclingMohamoud, Mohamoud A.; Hillman, Robert.Article
Apr-2007Global Pc5 wave activity observed using SuperDARN radars and ground magnetometers during an extended period of northward IMFBaddeley, L.J.; Yeoman, Tim K.; McWilliams, K.A.; Wright, D.M.Article
2007An Algorithmic View on OVSF Code AssignmentErlebach, T.; Jacob, R.; Mihal'ak, M.; Nunkesser, M.; Szabo, G.; Widmayer, P.Article
2007Succinct indexable dictionaries, with applications to encoding k-ary trees, prefix sums and multisetsRaman, R.; Raman, V.; Satti, S.R.Article
2007Geographies of Sexualities: Theory, Practices and PoliticsBrowne, K.; Lim, J.; Brown, G.Book
2007Brood care in a Silurian ostracodSiveter, David J.; Siveter, Derek J.; Sutton, M.D.; Briggs, D.E.G.Article
2007Biogeography and affinities of the bradoriid arthropods: Cosmopolitan microbenthos of the Cambrian seasWilliams, M.; Siveter, David J.; Popov, L.; Vannier, Jean M.C.Article
2007Geotectonic framework of the blueschist unit on Anglesey-Lleyn, UK, and its role in the development of a Neoproterozoic accretionary orogen.Kawai, T.; Windley, B.F.; Terabayashi, M.; Yamamoto, H.; Maruyama, S.; Omori, S.; Shibuya, T.; Sawaki, Y.; Isozaki, Y.Article
2007A Surface Plasmon Resonance-based instrument for the detection of extraterrestrial lifeThompson, Daniel PeterThesis
Aug-2007Magnetism of iron nanoparticles in rare Earth matrices.Iles, Gail N.Thesis