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2007Constitutive Modelling of Powder Compaction - II. Evaluation of Material DataSinka, I. C.; Cocks, A. C. F.Article
2007Innovative physico-chemical treatment of wastewater incorporating Moringa oleifera seed coagulantBhuptawat, H.; Folkard, G. K.; Chaudhari, S.Article
2007Wind Turbine Dynamic Response - Difference between Connection to Large Utility Network and Isolated Diesel Micro-gridBleijs, J. A. M.Article
2007Fault-tolerant time-triggered communication using CANShort, Michael J.; Pont, Michael J.Article
Jan-2007Observations of forest stand top height and mean height from interferometric SAR and LiDAR over a conifer plantation at Thetford Forest, UKBalzter, Heiko; Luckman, Adrian; Skinner, Laine; Rowland, Clare S.; Dawson, Terry P.Article
2007Maintenance and evolution of resource-constrained embedded systems created using design patternsKurian, S.; Pont, Michael J.Article
2007Are poverty and protected area establishment linked at a national scale?Upton, Caroline; Ladle, Richard; Hulme, David; Jiang, Tao; Brockington, Dan; Adams, William M.Article
Jun-2007Swift multi-wavelength observations of the bright flaring burst GRB 051117AGoad, M. R.; Page, K. L.; Godet, O.; Beardmore, A.; Osborne, J. P.; O'Brien, P. T.; Starling, R. L. C.; Holland, S.; Band, D.; Gehrels, N.; Falcone, A.; Burrows, D. N.; Nousek, J. A.; Roming, P. W. A.; Moretti, A.; Perri, M.Journal Article
11-Jul-2007A case of mistaken identity? GRB 060912A and the nature of the long-short GRB divideLevan, A. J.; Jakobsson, P.; Chapman, R.; Priddey, R. S.; Hurkett, C.; Tanvir, N. R.; Rol, E.; O'Brien, P. T.; Osborne, J. P.; Starling, R. L. C.; Gorosabel, J.; Vreeswijk, P.; Gehrels, N.; Kouveliotou, C.; Berk, D. V.; Wiersema, K.Journal Article
2007Land cover: to standardise or not to standardise? Comment on ‘Evolving standards in land cover characterization’ by Herold et al.Comber, Alexis J.; Fisher, Peter F.; Wadsworth, Richard A.Article