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2007Changing Geographies of Access to Medical Education in LondonBrown, G.; Garlick, P. B.Article
2007Ecological architecture as performed art: Nant-y-Cwm Steiner School, PembrokeshireKraftl, P.Article
2007'The health event': Everyday, affective politics of participationKraftl, P.; Horton, JohnArticle
1-Jan-2007On the location of dayside magnetic reconnection during an interval of duskward oriented IMFWild, J. A.; Milan, S. E.; Davies, J. A.; Dunlop, M. W.; Wright, D. M.; Carr, C. M.; Balogh, A.; Reme, H.; Fazakerley, A. N.; Marchaudon, A.Journal Article
Sep-2007Uncertainties of a Regional Terrestrial Biota Full Carbon Account: A Systems AnalysisNilsson, S.; Shvidenko, Anatoly; Jonas, M.; McCallum, I.; Thomson, A.; Balzter, HeikoArticle
2007Detection of organic compound signatures in infra-red, limb emission spectra observed by the MIPAS-B2 balloon instrumentRemedios, J. J.; Allen, G.; Waterfall, A. M.; Oelhaf, H.; Kleinert, A.; Moore, D. P.Article
2007Night-time radical chemistry during the NAMBLEX campaign.Sommariva, R.; Pilling, Michael J.; Bloss, William J.; Heard, Dwayne E.; Lee, James D.; Fleming, Zoe L.; Monks, Paul S.; Plane, J. M. C.; Saiz-Lopez, A.; Ball, S. M.; Bitter, M.; Jones, R. L.; Brough, N.; Penkett, Stuart A.; Hopkins, James R.; Lewis, Alastair C.; Read, K. A.Article
18-Sep-2007Spatially resolved measurements of nitrogen dioxide in an urban environment using concurrent multi-axis differential optical absorption spectroscopyLeigh, Roland J.; Corlett, Gary K.; Friess, Udo; Monks, Paul S.Article
29-Aug-2007EISCAT Svalbard radar observations of SPEAR-induced E- and F-region spectral enhancements in the polar cap ionosphereDhillon, R. S.; Robinson, T. R.; Yeoman, Tim K.Article
1-Feb-2007The magnetosphere under weak solar wind forcingFarrugia, C. J.; Grocott, Adrian; Sandholt, P. E.; Cowley, S. W. H.; Miyoshi, Y.; Rich, F. J.; Jordanova, V. K.; Torbert, R. B.; Sharma, A.Article