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Jul-2007The Effect of Gamma Irradiation on Space Charge Behaviour and Dielectric Spectroscopy of Low-density PolyethyleneFu, Mingli; Chen, George; Dissado, Len A.; Fothergill, John C.; Zou, ChenConference paper
21-May-2007Policy-driven Business Management over Web ServicesGorton, Stephen; Reiff-Marganiec, StephanConference paper
Feb-2007Influence of thermal treatment and residues on space charge accumulation in XLPE for DC power cable applicationFu, Mingli; Chen, George; Dissado, Len A.; Fothergill, John C.Article
May-2007Data Fusion for Reconstruction of a DTM, Under a Woodland Canopy, From Airborne L-band InSARRowland, Clare S.; Balzter, HeikoArticle
Jan-2007A Model-Driven Approach to Extract Views from an Architecture Description LanguageOliveira, Cristóvão; Wermelinger, MichelConference paper
2007Narrow-band X-ray polarizing filters.Martindale, A.; Bannister, N. P.; Harris, K. D. M.; Solan, G. A.; Collins, S. P.; Champouret, Y.; Muppidi, V. K.; Fraser, G. W.; Roy, MervynArticle
2007Cavola experiment site: geophysical investigations and deployment of a dense seismic array on a landslideBordoni, P.; Haines, J.; Di Giulio, G.; Milana, G.; Augliera, P.; Cercato, M.; Martelli, L.; Cara, F.; Cavola Experiment TeamJournal Article
2007Coupling of Vegetation Growing Season Anomalies and Fire Activity with Hemispheric and Regional-Scale Climate Patterns in Central and East SiberiaBalzter, Heiko; Gerard, France F.; George, Charles T.; Weedon, Graham P.; Grey, W.; Los, Sietse O.; Combal, B.; Bartholomé, E.; Bartalev, SergeyArticle
Oct-2007Enhanced Detection of Thromboemboli With the Use of Targeted MicrobubblesMartin, Matthew J.; Chung, Emma M. L.; Goodall, Alison H.; Della Martina, Alberto; Ramnarine, Kumar V.; Fan, Lingke; Hainsworth, Sarah V.; Naylor, Ross; Evans, David H.Article
1-Jan-2007Final Analysis: Porous Platinum Morphologies: Platinised, Sponge and BlackMills, AllanJournal Article